28 May 2008

Mike Nifiong: Poster child for racial discrimination

Former Duke Players Can Sue Nifong Outside Bankruptcy Bloomberg Three former Duke University lacrosse players cleared of rape charges brought by former prosecutor Michael Nifong can proceed with their lawsuit against him outside bankruptcy court, a judge ruled. The former North Carolina district attorney, who lost his law license for

27 May 2008

Karma bites the Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts sue Phila. to stay in headquarters Philadelphia Inquirer The Boy Scouts of America’s Philadelphia chapter has sued the City of Philadelphia in federal court to block the city’s May 31 deadline for the scouts to open membership to gays and atheists, or vacate their historic 1928 headquarters off

14 May 2008

How to deal with wingnut whacko emails

As the campaign season begins in earnest, you will find yourself daily bombarded with lies, zombie lies, smears, half-truths, distortions, remarks taken out of context, and text-book libels from your wingnut co-workers and family members. Usually such emails are met with simple deletion, sizzling invective, and/or obscene gestures at your

08 May 2008

Let’s party like it’s 1938!

Roman mayor vows purge of gypsies Irish Independent The new mayor of Rome promised yesterday to purge the Italian capital of 20,000 illegal immigrants and to raze 85 Roma Gypsy camps. Gianni Alemanno (50) a firebrand neo-fascist and the first rightwing mayor of the city since the Second World War,

02 May 2008

Sexism as a convenient tool

Twice in two days Senator Hillary Clinton has been present when sexist/anti-gay language was used in her presence, used in a manner to highlight her specifically. And yet she was completely quiet, showing neither offense, nor any inclination to “correct” the comments or chastise the speaker. The first such comment