11 Aug 2008

Orson Scott Card calls for violent overthrow of government if gay marriage legalized

State job is not to redefine marriage Moron Mormon Times The first and greatest threat from court decisions in California and Massachusetts, giving legal recognition to “gay marriage,” is that it marks the end of democracy in America. Really? Bush violates the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th Amendments of

07 Aug 2008

The GOP’s “Friends & Family” money laundering scheme

Democrats question whether Crist friend used ‘straw donors’ St. Petersburg Times (FL) Democrats pounced on reports Wednesday that a major fundraiser for Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and Republican presidential candidate John McCain had tapped suspiciously apolitical Californians of modest means for thousands of dollars in campaign contributions over the past

09 Jul 2008

4th Amendment now null & void

Senate bows to Bush, approves surveillance bill Associated Press Bowing to President Bush’s demands, the Senate sent the White House a bill Wednesday overhauling bitterly disputed rules on secret government eavesdropping and shielding telecommunications companies from lawsuits complaining they helped the U.S. spy on Americans. The relatively one-sided vote, 69-28,

17 Jun 2008

Soliders used by VA as guinea pig for Pfizer drug

‘Disposable Heroes’: Veterans Used To Test Suicide-Linked Drugs ABC News Mentally distressed veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are being recruited for government tests on pharmaceutical drugs linked to suicide and other violent side effects, an investigation by ABC News and The Washington Times has found. “Lab rat, guinea pig, disposable

17 Jun 2008

Why automakers don’t want an electric car

Despite the fact that the technology to produce a viable electric car has been around for at least a decade, automakers have dragged their feet and claimed that such a product could not be produced at a price people would pay, and that the car would have too many limitations

12 Jun 2008

The secret origin of the “terrorist fist jab”

Recapping the latest libelous statements by Fox, we get this from deranged winger E.D. Hill: A fist bump? A pound? A terrorist fist jab? The gesture everyone seems to interpret differently. Hill then brings on a “body language” expert to explain to her something any seven year child found on

02 Jun 2008

Blackwater starting its own mercenary air force for use against whom?

Blackwater buys Brazilian-made fighter plane USA Today A subsidiary of U.S. military security contractor Blackwater Worldwide has purchased a fighter plane from the Brazilian aviation company Embraer, a Brazilian newspaper reported Sunday. The 314-B1 Super Tucano propeller-driven fighter – the same used by the Brazilian military – was bought for

30 May 2008

Rules for apologizing

OK folks, it is time to set down some rules about apologies. Almost every week some prominent person, politician, or official is in the news for something they said, or did, which was offensive to the public in general and some group or person in specific. And each time, after