04 Jan 2010

“Typical, Nameless, Racist Teabagger”

Instead of pointing out the stupidity of a racist moron and using him to create an “enemy” – an “other” – for Democrats to rally against, maybe Democrats need to start asking themselves why Americans don’t like the Democratic Party after the sweeping 2008 electoral victory.

03 Jan 2010

Obama’s First Year: Failure

While listening this afternoon to the panel on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria – GPS review President Obama’s first year in office, discuss whether he has met the challenges we faced when he took office, and ask what kind of a president he really is, I decided to reread the inaugural address that Obama delivered on Jan 20, 2009. Has he done what he said is necessary to do?

02 Jan 2010

Timothy P. Carney’s Obamanomics and Progressive Activism

Progressive activists are all that stand between what President Obama is actually doing and what self-identified liberals incorrectly assume to be his agenda.

30 Dec 2009

On HCR, Corporatist Dems Aren’t Done Screwing Us Yet

By the time Obama and congressional Democrats are done screwing up what was supposed to have been health care reform and condemning millions of Americans to become the customers of unprincipled and untrustworthy private insurers, we’re all going to regret that we ever empowered these failures to screw us all over in the first place.

29 Dec 2009

Health Care Reform, The “Obama” Brand, and Liberal/Conservative Opinion

We have to do our part to return Obama to earth, where he can be held accountable for what he does and does not do.

29 Dec 2009

Old Fault Lines, New Alliances, and the Lessons of Failure

Well before Senate Democrats passed their health care bill on Christmas Eve, the debate over health care reform was dividing progressives. Now there is an even larger division among progressives, as some will support any candidate running as a Democrat in 2010, while others will not.

26 Dec 2009

Obama’s Illusory “Uptick” in the Polls

Weekly DKos/Research 2000 poll (Dec 20-24, 2009), shows no good news for the Democratic failures.

24 Dec 2009

Obama’s “Mission Accomplished” Moment

This morning, the United States Senate passed legislation that is still sometimes called health care reform, though it is not. Now Obama is saying that the government is delivering on “the promise of real, meaningful reform” and that the country is near the end of the health care reform battle. It isn’t the end at all.

22 Dec 2009

Why Attack Firedoglake?

Firedoglake may not be the right place for you if: 1) you care more about protecting the careers of everyone and anyone who ran for office with a “D” after his or her name than about holding those whom the American people elect accountable for what they do in office; or, 2) you think that the career of any particular politician is more important than seeing that he or she works for the American people and serves their interests and the interests of the common good.

19 Dec 2009

Weiner the Whining Weakling

Ok. Now we have people running around the Lake displaying an email from Rep. Anthony Weiner entitled “Let’s talk about it,” which the congressman sent to former supporters yesterday, inviting us to join him for a chat session because he just don’t know what to do as he tries to save some little scrap of reform and wants our feedback. Seriously.