10 Mar 2012

OccupyAustin Mic Checks Arne Duncan

Originally published on Approximately 8,000 Words. Thursday, I participated in a ‘MIC CHECK’ confrontation with Arne Duncan, the US Secretary of Education, at a town hall meeting at Austin Community College. Duncan is criticized for many reasons, but he came under fire from Occupy Austin for his support of charter schools

08 Nov 2011

3 Reasons the Disabled Support Occupy Wall Street

When I wrote about my first visit to Occupy Austin, I mentioned in passing that I have the chronic illness fibromyalgia. My post in support of the global occupation as a person with an invisible disability seemed to really resonate with my readers and on Twitter, where my post got

07 Nov 2011

Life Under Occupation (Occupy Austin Flash Mob)

Visiting an Occupation, even a relatively small one like ours, is a little surreal. The energy is so heated. There’s so much passion, energy, even anger. Then you step away and realize the world continues as normal. Despite the global nature of this movement, people everywhere are living life; Re-entry is jarring when

03 Nov 2011

#OccupyAustin Takes to the Streets

Yesterday in Oakland, tens of thousands of people took to the streets to speak up for their rights and to participate in a general strike. Marches and actions took place all around the world in solidarity with the activists. I joined Occupy Austin again for their march, and then attended my

02 Nov 2011

My First Visit to Occupy Austin

Last Sunday was my first visit to Occupy Austin. This post is much later than I wanted it to be because I have been struggling with my health. I’ll open here because part of the reason I identify with this movement is that my voice is a disenfranchised one as

01 Nov 2010

A Brief Introduction to Scheduling

If you’ve hung around potheads at all, you may have heard them argue that pot is safer than alcohol. It’s actually a valid argument, but perhaps one that could be aided by some more reputable sources. So how about one of the world’s oldest and most respected peer reviewed medical

30 Oct 2010

On Cannabis & Proposition 19

This was originally posted on my blog, Approximately 8,000 Words: My friend Michael Watts of Michael’s Rant recently asked me to write something for his blog about the use of cannabis (marijuana) and the upcoming vote in California over Proposition 19. Without naming names, I am aware that he recently witnessed the