29 May 2007

The Precautionary Principle and Other Precautions.

Hi folks.  Over the past days (and in the weeks before) many of us have been discussiing our concerns about safe food and our reasons for concern about finding safe and health food for our families and loved ones. We'll be talking more about these issues in the coming weeks;

28 May 2007

More Trashing Organic Standards

(This is the second in a series.  Part I can be found here — JH) Want to know about Congress’ most recent effort to trash organic foods? Genetically engineered (genetically modified) foods – coming to poison meals and fields near you. If they haven't already. Market surveys around the planet

26 May 2007

Trashing Organic Standards

Organic food standards are the firewall protecting us from chemicals and mutant foods. Of course, the standards are under sustained attack, and this week was no exception. Why bother with organic food? Even the Bushies can’t hide the answer. In 2005, the National Academy of Sciences, EPA, USDA, and FDA