16 Feb 2010

First-Cousin Marriage Ban Proposed by Maryland Legislators

Henry Heller is up to his old tricks.

29 Jan 2010

More Propaganda from AP

Media manipulations on Medicare for All.

25 Jan 2010

Tell Them: Pass Medicare for All

No more compromised messages.

24 Jan 2010

California is Our Best Hope for Single Payer

California Now Most Likely Route to Single Payer

23 Jan 2010

Enraged Republicans

Reconciliation? Outrageous!

22 Jan 2010

Coakley and the Rejection of the Working Class

Coakley’s defeat isn’t just her failure.

It’s a failure of the left.

08 Jan 2010

AIDS Does Not Exist

HIV is not the cause of AIDS. In fact, HIV may not even exist. If it does, it’s just a harmless passenger virus brought along by other ailments. The HIV antibodies have never been adequately isolated, and testing for the virus is highly inaccurate. AIDS itself is caused by a variety of factors, such as recreational drug use, malnutrition, poor sanitation, and the side effects of the anti-retroviral medication used to “treat” HIV.

07 Jan 2010

Cousin Marriage vs. Gay Marriage

It’s not really a fight.