01 Dec 2009

Escalating to End the Afghan War: Invoking Iraq, the Troops, and the Oft-Exploited Tragedy of 9/11

Obama’s speech at West Point made the case for escalating a war to ultimately end it in 2011. Iraq, the troops, and 9/11 were invoked to deflect criticism on the war.

01 Dec 2009

Waiting to See What Obama Says on Afghanistan

Democrats and supporters of Obama wait and wonder what to do with their opposition to war as a leader they have supported greatly tries to sell a hawkish strategy on Afghanistan to the nation at 8 pm ET from West Point Academy.

25 Nov 2009

Single Payer Advocates Address Deep Flaws in Democratic Health Bill

On the day before Thanksgiving, members of single payer advocacy organizations gathered for a press conference to voice strong concerns with a Democratic health bill that they feel fails to address the biggest problems with health care in America.