18 Aug 2010

Guantanamo Detainees Know America’s New Normal Far Too Well

Carol Rosenberg, a journalist for the Miami Herald and one of the few journalists who continue to follow operations and proceedings at the Guantanamo Bay prison reports “an emotionally ill detainee still being held at the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, was first recommended for release by the Pentagon in 2004.”

18 Aug 2010

Why Opponents of Mosque Are So Fierce in Their Opposition

Video on Franklin Graham shows just why there is so much vitriol and hatred toward the Park51 project or the “Ground Zero Mosque”

17 Aug 2010

Hamas Supports the “Ground Zero Mosque” & Other Messages Damning Religious Freedom to Hell

The hysteria surrounding the “Ground Zero Mosque” that really cannot be seen from Ground Zero has nothing to do with some impending Islamic fundamentalist quest to impose Sharia Law in America. It has everything to do with a toxic patriotism fueled by evangelical political activism in this country.

16 Aug 2010

President Obama on Ground Zero Mosque: A Wasted Attempt to Stand Up to Islamophobia?

President Barack Obama stepped into the middle of a swirl of prejudicial vitriol and unashamed hatred surrounding the building of an Islamic cultural center several blocks away from Ground Zero.

13 Aug 2010

How Private Prison Corporations Hope Arizona’s SB1070 Will Lead to Internment Camps for Illegals

Reports reveal that private prison corporations with interests and operations in Arizona stand to benefit and profit greatly as a result of immigration laws like SB1070. And, that isn’t altogether surprising because these same reports are indicating these corporations played a role in influencing the law, which is proof that border politics and the private prison businesses are tied.

12 Aug 2010

As Wall Street Support Shifts from Left to Right, Liberal Pundits Respond to Gibbs’ Attack

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs became the spokesperson for Obama Administration contempt toward the left on Tuesday. The display of contempt came in the midst of a nearly 70 percent shift in Wall Street executive donations from Democratic candidates to Republican candidates ahead of the November mid-term elections.

06 Aug 2010

More on How Physicians Became Torture Doctors for CIA

A good amount of documentation on the involvement of psychologists in the torture and abuse of detainees or “terror suspects.” And, a new study provides even more revelations on the involvement of physicians making it increasingly clear that medical professionals put limits on ethical standards they were expected to follow in order to help the CIA interrogate detainees

30 Jul 2010

100 Days Since the BP Gulf Oil Disaster Began, NOLA Natives Explain Disaster is Not Over

One hundred days after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded creating the worst environmental disaster in the world’s history, those who live down along the Gulf coast in the areas that have been most impacted are standing strong and reminding the world that, while the well gushing oil may have been capped and while BP CEO Tony Hayward may be going to Siberia, the disaster is not over.

29 Jul 2010

Many Celebrate, Defend Racial Profiling as SB1070 Goes Into Effect

One can talk about the facts and what the law will and will not do. One can cite studies and try to employ well-reasoned arguments to explain why people, whose prejudice against immigrants is too much for them to bear, exaggerate the immigration problem. Or, one can simply share the remarks with others and give the reactionary views what they deserve: sunlight.

28 Jul 2010

The Danger of the Wikileaks’ Leak: You Might Stop Thinking Like an American

Historically, the US does not want the American people involved in deciding what the US does in its foreign policy. Contrary to American tradition, Julian Assange and Wikileaks display a belief in the value of citizen participation and interest in the business of governments worldwide. As Assange said of the leak, “People who are around the world who are reading this are able to comment on it and put it in context and understand the full situation.”