25 Nov 2010

Some Vignettes for Thanksgiving

Photo by Puzzler4879 What many Americans might find perplexing is that I have this affliction that is a result of knowledge. History, politics and government, social science, and more all in some way influence the way that I think about life. Psychologically, I don’t just go through the motions and

24 Nov 2010

CFR President Richard Haass Plays Six Degrees of Iran with North Korea

Screenshot of the Tuesday edition of MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” American foreign policy makers have a few countries that are routinely regarded as evil no matter what the evidence. A few examples include: Iran, North Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, Chad, Somalia, Syria, etc. There’s no limit to what a foreign policy

20 Nov 2010

Left and Right Finding Common Ground on New TSA Procedures?

The TSA’s escalation of security at airports has further cemented the reality that airports are Fourth Amendment-free zones. Should citizens tolerate this? by Truthout.org Featuring Interviews with Rutherford Institute President John Whitehead and Pilot Michael Roberts, Who are Suing Homeland Security The Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) new procedures for airport

18 Nov 2010

Senate Hearing with TSA Chief: “Have You Experienced the Law Enforcement-Style Pat-Down?”

Head of TSA, John Pistole, goes before a Senate Committee to discuss new changes to airport security, asserts that he will listen to concerns but nothing will likely change. Head of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), John Pistole, went before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, to deliver a

16 Nov 2010

We Do Not Consent to Warrantless “Porno-Scanning” in Airports

Photo by the We Won’t Fly Campaign Interview with “We Won’t Fly” Campaign Organizer on TSA Pat-Downs, Body Scanners & Opt-Out Day Jim Babb and George Donnelly have started a campaign called “We Won’t Fly” to encourage people to “act now” and “travel with dignity.” They are asking people to

15 Nov 2010

The Zombie Politicians and Vampire Capitalists Are Coming!

The living are the only ones who can save this society rife with monsters. Zombie politicians will continue to spread viruses to others unless the living can come up with antidotes. These antidotes will not be easy to produce. The living whom I speak of must courageously confront darkness. They must stare these zombie politicians down and beat them back with proverbial clubs, guns and machetes. Go for their heads, which is after all the evil that keeps them parading onward.

10 Nov 2010

The New Republic’s Sean Wilentz Greatly Misunderstands Movement Politics

People from various social movements gather for “One Nation Working Together,” a rally held on Oct. 2nd that demonstrated movements in America are convinced they must depend heavily on the Democratic Party for success. | Photo by Kevin Gosztola Sean Wilentz, writer for The New Republic, thinks he understands why

09 Nov 2010

Wars, Torture & Other Aspects of the New Normal Won Big in the Midterm Election

Within the pomp and circumstance of the election, there was little to no talk about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. There was little conversation about the torture. And, there was little discussion of how policies, which encourage violations of American civil liberties, have been systematized.

04 Nov 2010

After the Slaughter: Obama at Post-Midterm Election Press Conference

Obama Talks About Compromise and Bipartisanship on Issues With Republicans During Next Two Years President Barack Obama walked up to the podium for a press conference yesterday where he discussed the slaughtering, or, as he put it, the “shellacking” of his Party at the polls in the midterm election. Visibly

28 Oct 2010

Restoring Sanity to Our Elections: Are We Managers of Democracy or Citizens?

The two most prominent parties are co-opted by moneyed interests that neutralize our votes, they allow the dominance of money in politics to increase, and instead of breaking away and making reasonable calls for reforms to voting or elections, citizens fret about the possibility of spoilers. They fear being good to themselves and voting their conscience on Election Day.