07 Feb 2010

U.S.-Supported Night Raids Bring Terror to Afghanis

A look at the use of night raids in Afghanistan. Anand Gopal’s recent article “Afraid of the Dark” is used to enhance the exploration of night raids in Afghanistan and the “war on terror”

25 Jan 2010

…And Crown Thy Good With Corporate Personhood

The Citizens United v. FEC decision lays bare the need for not only a reassessment of how we allow corporate power to pervert our political system. It also shows America needs a movement for fundamental electoral reform.

21 Jan 2010

What’s It Gonna Take for America to Shut Down the Prisons at Guantanamo?

When we consider the indignity and inhumane treatment that detainees at Guantanamo have experienced and the torture and abuse which has surely inflamed Islamists who fill the ranks of al-Qaeda-like networks, what is our nation’s collective reaction? How do we respond? Does the thought of Guantanamo even matter to us?

12 Jan 2010

Media Coverage of Reid Deepens America’s Illiteracy, Fear, and Anxiety Toward Race

The media spent a full day on Monday, January 11th, dissecting and reconstructing the surface meaning of Sen. Harry Reid’s remarks on Obama, which most pundits and political leaders have characterized as racist. But was the comment really racist? Was it correct but said the wrong way? Does it mater how it was said? And how much more damage did the media do to the public’s already existing inability to unflinchingly address and discuss real issues concerning race?

06 Jan 2010

He Tried to Blow Up the Plane with a Condom Bomb & Why Getting Hysterical About Airport Security is Wrong

Sheer hysteria or the illusion of hysteria dominates the conversation in the media right now. How much are we willing to give for the delusion of airport safety?

27 Dec 2009

With Change, Americans Shouldn’t Make the Enemy the Good of the Perfect

Deconstructing an idiom that those defending the Democratic Party’s and Obama’s handling of health reform (and other issues) like to use when discussing the politics of reform or change.

14 Dec 2009

History Channel’s “The People Speak”: A Much-Needed Lesson in Hope and Change for a Nation’s People

How to pare down a 752-page book into a 2-hour cable television event must have been a challenge for the producers of The People Speak, but those behind The People Speak succeed beautifully in presenting a tableau of Zinn’s revolutionary piece of nonfiction.

11 Dec 2009

Anti-Afghan War Escalation Rally to Reach for a World That Ought to Be

A new coalition of antiwar organizations—the End U.S. Wars Coalition—rallies on Saturday, Dec. 12th, in Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C. Not far from the White House, they will challenge the Nobel Peace Prize winner President Barack Obama and his administration to halt the escalation in Afghanistan. See the End US Wars website –EndUsWars.org— for more information.

01 Dec 2009

Escalating to End the Afghan War: Invoking Iraq, the Troops, and the Oft-Exploited Tragedy of 9/11

Obama’s speech at West Point made the case for escalating a war to ultimately end it in 2011. Iraq, the troops, and 9/11 were invoked to deflect criticism on the war.

01 Dec 2009

Waiting to See What Obama Says on Afghanistan

Democrats and supporters of Obama wait and wonder what to do with their opposition to war as a leader they have supported greatly tries to sell a hawkish strategy on Afghanistan to the nation at 8 pm ET from West Point Academy.