26 May 2010

Gen. Petraeus’ Directive: Another Example of American Empire’s Fetish for Black Operations

News of Gen. Petraeus’ directive for secret Pentagon operations would be a huge revelation if history didn’t indicate that departments handling foreign and domestic defense or security operations have claimed the authority to engage in covert activity time and time again. From the Bush Administration to the Kennedy Administration, covert operations have been standard operating procedure, so long as those in power can get away with it.

24 May 2010

Nuclear Power Has a Friend in Heads of Obama’s Oil Gusher Commission

In Obama’s weekly radio address on Saturday, May 22nd, Obama selected former Sen. Bob Graham & former head of the EPA William K. Reilly to head a commission to investigate the BP oil disaster. Both have good beltway environmental credentials. They also both consider nuclear energy to be part of the solution to getting off dirty carbon energy that is contributing significantly to climate change.

20 May 2010

“Embedded Media” Only Allowed to Cover BP Oil Disaster?

CBS journalists were filming a beach in South Pass, Louisiana, when, according to CBS, a “boat of BP contractors and two Coast Guard officers told them to turn around or be arrested.” The incident is thought by bloggers tracking the oil leak in the Gulf to not be the only time that BP has challenged the right of journalists to film.

19 May 2010

Obama’s Oil Spill Panel: Will It Be Better or Worse Than Carter’s Three Mile Island Accident Commission?

The Obama Administration is putting together a presidential commission to investigate the Gulf of Mexico oil rig disaster. It is expected to be similar to past presidential commissions like the space shuttle Challenger disaster and the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island. Will it make recommendations and conclusions about this deadly form of energy that are necessary? Or will it seek to re-brand and legitimize an industry?

18 May 2010

“Sexually Dangerous” Can Be Imprisoned Indefinitely: Can Politicians Be Considered “Sexually Dangerous”?

A Supreme Court decision on Monday stated that federal official could hold people who are considered “sexually dangerous” indefinitely. The idea of keeping sexually dangerous people off the streets is not a bad one until you think of the enforcement mechanisms. Who gets to decide who is sexually dangerous and who is it? Aren’t these the same people who go to work with politicians who themselves have committed sex crimes?

10 May 2010

Decision Forces Filmmaker to Turn Over 600 Hours of Footage to Chevron

Judge Lewis A. Kaplan of the Federal District Court in New York granted Chevron’s request for a subpoena, which demands access to over 600 hours of footage from “Crude,” a documentary that chronicles a legal battle being supported by 30,000 Amazonian settlers hoping to hold Texaco (now owned by Chevron) responsible for environmental devastation in Ecuador. Local documentary filmmakers in Chicago react to the decision.

24 Mar 2010

Future of Public Option Depends on What Happens to Support for Single Payer

A look at recently passed health reform, growing momentum for the public option, and the movement for and future of single payer healthcare in America

22 Mar 2010

Passed Health Reform Really is “What Change Looks Like”

Health reform passed really is “what change looks like.” What’s at stake isn’t simply the future of health care but the future of change in this country. The process that unfolded over the past year is an example of what any meaningful reforms or proposed radical changes dealing with issues will face in the future. And, it’s up to us, the people, to decide if this is how we wish future reforms to be handled.

17 Feb 2010

Civilians Killed During Offensive in Afghanistan: Human Shields or Unfortunate Targets?

It was only a matter of time before military commanders began to claim that the Taliban was using “human shields” to make it difficult for U.S. and NATO to carry out their offensive without killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan.

13 Feb 2010

NATO At War With Civilian Casualties as It Launches Offensive in Afghanistan

Ahead of the current offensive by U.S. and NATO forces in Marjah, the North-Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), an intergovernmental military alliance assisting the U.S. heavily in efforts to control and secure Afghanistan, issued these words for civilians: “Keep your head down.” These words along with other messages warning of civilian casualties were effective; many civilians fled the area in and around Marjah.