13 Sep 2010

A Failure to Bring Hope and Change Will Create an Enthusiasm Gap Every Time

The media’s legitimization of fringe lunatic Terry Jones last week, the man with a history of actions only people sympathetic to the Westboro Baptist Church would support, had one effect that Democrats can be thankful for: it pushed aside talk of an “enthusiasm gap” between the Republican base and the Democratic base, which many think will produce big wins for the GOP in November. At least, that’s the conventional wisdom or meme the media is promoting.

10 Sep 2010

9/11 No Longer Brings Us Together, We Must Reassess How It Defines This Country

There is a power in the unity that we all shared when we all grieved and were hurt by September 11th. But, the problem is that unity inevitably has grown into a unity of fear when what Americans really need is a unity of reconciliation. There is a need for Americans to find the courage to not forget but forgive. And, unfortunately, there is still an amount of reflection needed because this nation is still somewhere between anger and depression when it comes to handling the grief experienced.

09 Sep 2010

Pastor Jones Calls Off International Burn-a-Koran Day, Now What?

A religious soap opera is unfolding before the world’s eyes. Dr. Terry Jones, the noxious pastor from Gainesville, Florida who had planned the festive International Burn-A-Koran Day for September 11th has called off the book burning event, according to news sources like USA Today. Imam Muhammed Musri apparently offered Dr. Jones a deal if he would back down.

08 Sep 2010

The Difference Between Opposing Mosques and Burning Korans

For now, there appears to be a line that those seeking to stop the so-called “Islamization” of America won’t cross. It’s not that they disagree with Terry Jones’ assessment of Islam, but they are reluctant to make the unwise choice of burning Korans.

03 Sep 2010

You Won’t Find Nonbelievers Claiming Obama’s Muslim

The uproar by Americans as a result of the proposed construction of an Islamic community center near Ground Zero along with Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington, D.C. have pulled into focus the intense zeal that Americans have for religion. Undoubtedly, the characteristic of Americans that has been affirmed is the characteristic that Americans are dedicated to getting religion right.

02 Sep 2010

A Roar of Anger Against the Coal Industry That Cannot Be Ignored or Silenced

The anger and courage of Americans who have been expressing opposition to the coal industry and expending energy to chip away at the power coal companies have to destroy America’s environment is paying off.

01 Sep 2010

Obama Declares Combat Mission in Iraq Over: What Nation Will America “Liberate” and “Rebuild” Next?

President Obama appeared before the American people to formally declare the combat mission was officially over in Iraq. Obama discussed what Iraqis must do now that the U.S. has ended combat operations, re-affirmed America’s commitment to the war in Afghanistan, and ended with a focus on the economy and restoring the middle class in America.

30 Aug 2010

Glenn Beck’s Reclaiming Honor Rally: “He’s Alive!”

The rally was a conscious attempt to not only re-appropriate the history of Martin Luther King Jr. but also to push the country closer toward adhering to more principles and tenets of Biblical Law.

28 Aug 2010

Special Footage from Beck’s Reclaiming Honor Rally

One camera on site managed to capture this video. This video indicates that there was something slightly different going on than what was seen by people who watched the rally on C-SPAN or any of the news networks that aired portions of the rally.

27 Aug 2010

Responding to the Toxic Anti-Islamic Fervor Growing in This Nation

With the growing anti-Islam fervor that has been ratcheting up as a result of people trying to stop a “Ground Zero Mosque” from being built, I wanted to address the people who are trying to confront those who are making this country more dangerous and who are endangering this country’s national security by writing a recruiting script for right wing fundamentalists or Islamists.