06 Aug 2010

More on How Physicians Became Torture Doctors for CIA

A good amount of documentation on the involvement of psychologists in the torture and abuse of detainees or “terror suspects.” And, a new study provides even more revelations on the involvement of physicians making it increasingly clear that medical professionals put limits on ethical standards they were expected to follow in order to help the CIA interrogate detainees

30 Jul 2010

100 Days Since the BP Gulf Oil Disaster Began, NOLA Natives Explain Disaster is Not Over

One hundred days after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded creating the worst environmental disaster in the world’s history, those who live down along the Gulf coast in the areas that have been most impacted are standing strong and reminding the world that, while the well gushing oil may have been capped and while BP CEO Tony Hayward may be going to Siberia, the disaster is not over.

29 Jul 2010

Many Celebrate, Defend Racial Profiling as SB1070 Goes Into Effect

One can talk about the facts and what the law will and will not do. One can cite studies and try to employ well-reasoned arguments to explain why people, whose prejudice against immigrants is too much for them to bear, exaggerate the immigration problem. Or, one can simply share the remarks with others and give the reactionary views what they deserve: sunlight.

28 Jul 2010

The Danger of the Wikileaks’ Leak: You Might Stop Thinking Like an American

Historically, the US does not want the American people involved in deciding what the US does in its foreign policy. Contrary to American tradition, Julian Assange and Wikileaks display a belief in the value of citizen participation and interest in the business of governments worldwide. As Assange said of the leak, “People who are around the world who are reading this are able to comment on it and put it in context and understand the full situation.”

25 Jul 2010

Nearly 92,000 Classified Documents Leaked, Expose Truth of Afghan War

Classified information on the war in Afghanistan has been released by three major media sources in the world–the New York Times, The Guardian, and Der Spiegel. Nearly 92,000 documents were provided to the three sources by Wikileaks, and have been published in the form of “war logs.”

24 Jul 2010

Day 1 of the United National Peace Conference in Albany, NY

While the Netroots Nation Convention commands the attention of many who are tuned into activism this weekend, there is another gathering of significance that is happening in Albany, NY–the United National Peace Conference.

23 Jul 2010

Hotel Workers Stage Sit-Ins as Part of Nationwide Action Against Hyatt Hotels

Hotel workers from Chicago supported and participated in a nonviolent civil disobedience action aimed at calling attention to the Hyatt Hotel chain’s working conditions on Thursday evening. The action was part of a nationally organized plan to target Hyatt and call attention to its lack of fairness and respect toward workers.

21 Jul 2010

Progressivism Fails Because Democrats are Afraid to Advance a Progressive Agenda

That Americans are not supportive of progressivism is largely a conjured up fear to excuse a failure to advance a progressive agenda and win support from Democratic Party leaders for progressive change. The American people support progressive ideas. They just need real progressive leadership that, independently from Democratic Party interests, promotes a vision and future where these progressive ideas are indeed viable and practical.

19 Jul 2010

The “Liberal” Netroots: An Army Beholden to Democrats or an Independent Political Force to Be Reckoned With?

Each year, for the past five years, members of what has become known as the “netroots” have come together for an annual convention known as Netroots Nation to participate in a forum for progressive activists and candidates to strengthen communities online and grow the progressive movement. As the “netroots” prepares for another convention, what might be the outcome? What is the state of the “netroots” and how are Democratic Party politics impacting the “netroots”?

15 Jul 2010

Nonprofit Organizations Funded by Comcast Want You to Ignore the Possible Impact of the Comcast-NBC Merger on Media

What may be the only FCC public hearing on the Comcast-NBC merger was held Tuesday, July 13th. The following is a report from the hearing that shows how nonprofit organizations were enlisted by Comcast to distract from the possible impact if FCC approves of this media consolidation move.