28 Aug 2010

Special Footage from Beck’s Reclaiming Honor Rally

One camera on site managed to capture this video. This video indicates that there was something slightly different going on than what was seen by people who watched the rally on C-SPAN or any of the news networks that aired portions of the rally.

27 Aug 2010

Responding to the Toxic Anti-Islamic Fervor Growing in This Nation

With the growing anti-Islam fervor that has been ratcheting up as a result of people trying to stop a “Ground Zero Mosque” from being built, I wanted to address the people who are trying to confront those who are making this country more dangerous and who are endangering this country’s national security by writing a recruiting script for right wing fundamentalists or Islamists.

23 Aug 2010

Faced With Mosque Madness, Democrats Invert Frederick Douglass’ Key Rule for Change

The response to developers and supporters with connections to the Muslim community in New York City, who wish to construct an Islamic cultural center that many now refer to as the “Ground Zero Mosque,” has a toxicity that is repulsive and entirely objectionable. Unfortunately, Democrats have shown an utter lack of leadership and continue to fail to confront the right wing’s whipping up of hysterical patriotism that has translated into fear and hatred toward Muslims.

20 Aug 2010

As Combat Brigades Leave Iraq, NBC News Corporation Helps Pentagon Manufacture Support for Withdrawal

NBC News corproation had the “inside scoop” on America’s withdrawal of combat brigades. They may not have exactly helped cement the idea that the war is over but they did help the Pentagon sell the idea that the U.S. had achieved victory in Iraq.

18 Aug 2010

Guantanamo Detainees Know America’s New Normal Far Too Well

Carol Rosenberg, a journalist for the Miami Herald and one of the few journalists who continue to follow operations and proceedings at the Guantanamo Bay prison reports “an emotionally ill detainee still being held at the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, was first recommended for release by the Pentagon in 2004.”

18 Aug 2010

Why Opponents of Mosque Are So Fierce in Their Opposition

Video on Franklin Graham shows just why there is so much vitriol and hatred toward the Park51 project or the “Ground Zero Mosque”

17 Aug 2010

Hamas Supports the “Ground Zero Mosque” & Other Messages Damning Religious Freedom to Hell

The hysteria surrounding the “Ground Zero Mosque” that really cannot be seen from Ground Zero has nothing to do with some impending Islamic fundamentalist quest to impose Sharia Law in America. It has everything to do with a toxic patriotism fueled by evangelical political activism in this country.

16 Aug 2010

President Obama on Ground Zero Mosque: A Wasted Attempt to Stand Up to Islamophobia?

President Barack Obama stepped into the middle of a swirl of prejudicial vitriol and unashamed hatred surrounding the building of an Islamic cultural center several blocks away from Ground Zero.

13 Aug 2010

How Private Prison Corporations Hope Arizona’s SB1070 Will Lead to Internment Camps for Illegals

Reports reveal that private prison corporations with interests and operations in Arizona stand to benefit and profit greatly as a result of immigration laws like SB1070. And, that isn’t altogether surprising because these same reports are indicating these corporations played a role in influencing the law, which is proof that border politics and the private prison businesses are tied.

12 Aug 2010

As Wall Street Support Shifts from Left to Right, Liberal Pundits Respond to Gibbs’ Attack

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs became the spokesperson for Obama Administration contempt toward the left on Tuesday. The display of contempt came in the midst of a nearly 70 percent shift in Wall Street executive donations from Democratic candidates to Republican candidates ahead of the November mid-term elections.