28 Aug 2010

Is this a “gay-baiting” dog whistle political ad?

Not that I think that Deidre Hirner has any chance of a SCHOCKING upset but… and this ad IS low budget but… Well, I’ll let you be the judge

16 Jul 2010

Drop A Quarter in the Blend Jukebox

We haven’t done a “jukebox thread” in awhile so… Between all this gay news of keeping the gayTM closed, NOM’s lies, the afterglow of the GLAD/Coakley DOMA victory and winning marriage equality in Argentina, one of my biggest personal issues has been that… …I just can’t get this song out

25 Jun 2010

“Ex-Gay” Gospel Singer Donnie McClurkin to Headline Boston’s GospelFest

There’s a stench emitting from Boston City Hall as a result of the news that “ex-gay” gospel singer Donnie McClurkin will headline Boston’s 10th annual GospelFest on July 18th in Boston’s City Hall Plaza. But McClurkin – who routinely claims to have been saved from the “curse” of the gay

28 Apr 2010

Same Script, Different Cast? (Pt. 1 of 3)

Note: I’ve done a previous diary comparing Obama on gay rights to Wilson in the area of women’s suffrage. I was looking deeper into that comparison than I did the first time when I ran across this fascinating bit of black civil rights history. I’m still going to do the

11 Mar 2010

Mule fu*king secessionist Neal Horsley charged with terroristic threats against Elton John

It seems that the Blend’s favorite mule fu*ker, Georgia gubernatorial candidate Neal Horsley has landed himself in a bit of a mess. http://www.pamshouseblend.com/… An anti-abortion activist and gubernatorial candidate from Carrollton who was arrested for allegedly making threats against Elton John is still being held in the Fulton County jail.

14 Jan 2010

Teddy Pendergrass is dead

Yes, we know and love the voice. Yes, we know the scandals. And I have no problem with discussing that… I just want to enjoy the music a little

11 Jan 2010

Oh no he DIDN’T

Harry Reid’s comments are tame compared to this sh*te. — Pam I wonder what Toni Morrison has to say about this bigot bomb by former President Bill Clinton: “Game Change,” the new book by John Heileman and Mark Halperin, alleges that former president Bill Clinton told the late Sen. Ted

30 Dec 2009

Now this is gay racism

I decided to monitor the story of the killing of Indiana University professor Don Belton on the other blogs just because… The victim was black (and gay) and the alleged murderer was white (and on the DL). As I wrote in the comment thread already active here in the Blend,

10 Aug 2009

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn to (Nearly) Fully Fund HIV/AIDS services

While state budget cuts have had a heavy negative impact on HIV/AIDS services nationwide, kudos to Illinois Governor Pat Quinn for this: State funding for HIV services will remain nearly fully funded under the terms of the Governor’s Allocation Plan for the new fiscal year state budget. The FY10 budget, which was passed two

09 Jul 2009

A message from kevinchi.

        I'am in the hospital and plan to be out in a few days. message from good friend Nikita. This is nikita writing a message for the bald headed motherfucker! Hoping he gets well soon.