29 Feb 2012

FDL Membership: Finding An Activist Home

You know that feeling, when you arrive somewhere you’ve wanted to be? That satisfaction? The ahhh of having arrived? That’s how I felt about FDL when I finally started commenting here after lurking through just about all of 2007 and parts of 2008. What I saw here at FDL was

29 Feb 2012

Watercooler: The Magic of “29”

So it’s Leap Day today, that fix we use every four years in February to correct for astronomical variances and keep the calendar all hunky dory. So I popped “29” into youtube’s search box to just see what I could find for a Watercooler  and found this most amazing personal

28 Feb 2012

Watercooler: Eurovision Song Festival 2012

The annual Eurovision song festival/contest is coming to Baku, Azerbaijan in May. Baku is going all out and building the Crystal Hall to house the competition. Looks like it’s pretty much built, and they’re racing through the finishing details. You can see video of its construction here. Meanwhile, the individual

27 Feb 2012

Watercooler: Rube Goldberg Machine – Photography Edition

Regular readers of the Watercooler – (the end of the day post for MyFDL, and an open thread for tech issues etc. about the blog) know I have a predilection for Rube Goldberg machines and automata of any sort. Because they’re just cool. Kinda steampunky. Anyways this one is fun

24 Feb 2012

Watercooler: Banned At The Oscars

Today, Admiral General Aladeen appeared live on NBC’s Today Show with Matt Lauer’s cleaning lady, Ann Curry and the eunoch Al Roker – Watch the video broadcast: Of COURSE he’s banned from the Oscars! What a complete SWINE! Have you seen what else he’s done? Offend a KARDASHIAN?!?!  Of course

23 Feb 2012

Watercooler: Vote for Einstein and Legalize Everything

Senator Jefferson Einstein, Junior Republican from South Dakota, eloquently elaborates on the libertarian views which have helped him surge in the polls — and that he believes will carry him to victory. I think the Einstein/Vermin Supreme ticket is the one for me!

22 Feb 2012

Watercooler: “Everybody’s Changing

Here’s some Lily Allen. (No not THAT Lily Allen song. Even though I love it, and listen to it every couple of weeks. Because.) This one is just sweet, and relevant, and real, and a Keane song (with whom she’s playing in the video below). You say you wander your

21 Feb 2012

Watercooler: Fat Tuesday

Today is 2012’s Mardi Gras, so I can’t help but think of New Orleans. Aside from the excellent food there, the next thing I think of about New Orleans is the music, and in particular the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. First time I ever heard of or saw them was

20 Feb 2012

Watercooler: Squirrels!

Our backyard fence is essentially a  Squirrel Super Highway. At just about anytime, I can look out the window and some squirrel is scampering along it. This morning drinking coffee and looking out the window, here comes one – with a bagel in his chompers. About five minutes later, another

17 Feb 2012

Watercooler: A Tale Of Two Marthas

It has been the weirdest two weeks for women’s health –  politically. Two weeks ago conservatives took a well deserved and intense drubbing on the Komen/Planned Parenthood madness. This week the conservative id doubled-down and all of the sudden contraception itself is an issue? Insanity. It’s like The Handmaid’s Tale is some