17 Apr 2012

Upstairs, Downstairs – More Freaky DARPA Robots

My fascination-cum-repulsion with DARPA championed robots continues. Like the Cheetah and the Nano Drones I wrote about, this stair master thing just freaks me out: If that thing ever came up the stairs at my house, after staring incredulously at it and wasting valuable survival time doing so, I’d kick

14 Apr 2012

Saturday Art: The Trout

The Trout (Die Forelle in German) is a pretty well-known piano quintet by Franz Schubert. In the key of A Major, it’s bright and sprightly, quite accessible actually. The neat thing about it for me is that there is an upcoming wedding for some friends-of-my-friends in my Russian circle of

19 Mar 2012

Watercooler: Solid Potato Salad

I can so totally do all these moves: And backwards in high heels too. So there.

16 Mar 2012

Watercooler: Important Tech Update

We have an important tech update coming relatively soon. As soon as this weekend actually. It’s about images and videos that can be included in MyFDL diaries. Here is what will be most noticed: The above image will replace any image not from the approved 3rd party hosting site list.

15 Mar 2012

Watercooler: Jukebox – Odd Times

In 1973, Pink Floyd’s “Money” was #13 on Billboard’s Hot 100 list. Which in itself is not remarkable, as it’s a great song. But there’s a little funky detail about that song; it’s in 7/4 time. It’s not in your regular 4/4 time which is like a march, or most

15 Mar 2012

IPViking – Botnets for Bankers?

What would you think of a technology company that can do the following (emphasis added): • Integrated blocklist functionality into any online media that interacts with an end user to validate the given credentials • Advanced API functionality allows for checking an address against our blocklists to gain detailed intelligence –

14 Mar 2012

Late Night FDL: Happy PI Day!

It’s 3.14 today. You know, ?. So here’s some ? domino thingies to start, and this video is clever as it takes 3:14 exactly!

14 Mar 2012

Watercooler: Happy PI Day!

It’s 3.14 today. You know,  ?. So here’s some ? domino thingies to start, and this video is clever as it takes 3:14 exactly! (Sorry about the ad – you can skip it pretty quickly) But WAIT! There are those who say ? is WRONG! Totally WRONG! (h/t Dr. Billesbach on facebook)

13 Mar 2012

Watercooler: Audri’s Rube Goldberg Machine – Monster Trap!

Audri Clemmons is seven years old. And Audri Clemmons is AWESOME! From the youtube description: Audri would like to say thanks for all the encouraging comments. He is 7 years old and he can read so please keep it positive. Audri’s inspiration comes from Bill Nye, Beakman, the Mythbusters, and

12 Mar 2012

Watercooler: A TED Talk Gets “Improved”

And by “Improved” I mean “Improv-ed.” The merry pranksters from Improv Everywhere who did that pantsless subway thing I brought to your attention a while back invaded a recent TED Talk. For the conference this year, the TED curators approached me about staging something unexpected to surprise their audience. We