25 Feb 2011

On Wisconsin! News and What to do in Solidarity.

Unions in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and across the country are rising to defend the rights of workers to organize and bargain to achieve dignity and a decent life.

Wall Street, not public workers, nor unions, nor government spending, caused the fiscal crisis that is stressing our states. Workers should not have to pay to clean up Wall Street’s mess.

17 Oct 2010

Braddocks Fights for its Hospital

The people of Braddock are fighting to save their hospital from the wrecker’s ball. UPMC, an $8 billion dollar corporation, wants to demolish the Braddock Hospital while building hospitals in wealthy areas. With the help of single payer advocates, Braddock is fighting back with daily vigils at the hospital to stop the demolition.

29 Aug 2010

Honeywell Locks Out USW Local Over Health Care

At its Metropolis, Illinois, plant, Honeywell wants to do away with retiree health care and raise annual out-of-pocket expenses for workers to $8,500. When the union said no the company locked them out. Across the border in Canada, the sister USW local that makes the same product signed their new contract with no problem over health care. The Metropolis local, USW 7-669, is fighting back.

17 Jul 2010

Don’t Gamble with Our Social Security

Andy Stern and Dean Baker advocate investment of Social Security Funds in the stock market. That’s a terrible idea, and we can’t let it happen.

19 Jun 2010

GOP Health Expert: Medical Industry to ‘Boom’ Under New Law

The Republican Party recently told its leaders to call the Obama administration’s new health law “Exhibit A” of a “runaway Washington government.” But that’s not how longtime GOP health expert Thomas Scully sees it.