02 Nov 2011

Crowd at U of M wasn’t pleased with Cantor’s Right Wing talking points

Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor spoke last Monday at the University of Michigan at an event sponsored by the Gerald Ford School of Public Policy. You would think that if you knew you were speaking in front of people who studied public policy for a living you would at

30 Oct 2011

Eric Cantor to appear in public!

Eric Cantor will speak at an event that will be open to the public at the  University of Michigan Monday, in spite of having canceled a speech last week at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business after finding out that it would be open to the public.   Apparently Cantor

23 Oct 2011

Friday’s Occupy Detroit’s protest at BOA

Occupy Detroit protested ongoing foreclosures at the  BOA branch on the corner of Griswold and Congress in downtown Detroit last Friday. I reported on the event for a local newspaper and I thought I might also post it here.  It may be a little unsophisticated for people here who are