06 Jan 2010

Homophobia: Alive and Well in Birmingham

New campaign flyers from some group no one's ever heard of target Birmingham mayoral candidate Patrick Cooper for his support of Howard Bayless, a former school board member who ran for City Council this year.  Bayless' “crime”?  He's the first openly gay man elected to public office in Alabama. One

11 Nov 2009

Tea Party Leader Brags about Co-Opting Birmingham’s Kelly Ingram Park

When I read that the Tea Party Express was coming to Kelly Ingram Park on Monday, I was horrified.  This is an overwhelmingly white movement whose express (excuse the pun) purpose is to de-legitimize the country's first African-American president, and they were going to gather on the sacred space that

10 Nov 2009

Alabama: Teabaggers on Parade in Birmingham

Joe at Bessemer Opinions has pictures from yesterday's teabagger rally in Birmingham's Kelly Ingram Park, as does Bradford Daly via flickr.  I have  a few below the fold – forgot my real camera.  Joe notes, and I second, the irony of a bunch of over-privileged white people bemoaning their “oppression”

08 Nov 2009

Follow-Up on Yesterday’s Truth Wins Out Protest

As promised, I checked this morning to see if the Hoover Board of Education allows churchgoers to use its parking lot.  There were no cars parked in the lot today.  Good to know.  You'll see why below.  First, some background. Yesterday, people from the community, including representatives from Equality Alabama,

07 Nov 2009

Truth Wins Out Protest – Part Two

IMPORTANT: We won't be demonstrating at 5 PM.  The organizers made the decision that it wouldn't be effective in the dark. Our midday demonstration went well.  Lots of folks who came to the early morning session were back, and there were new faces as well.  I got to spend some

07 Nov 2009

Birmingham Truth Wins Out Protest – Part One

About 50 people gathered outside the gates of Metropolitan Church of God this morning to protest  Focus on the Family's Love Won Out “ex-gay” conference.  We stood in front of the Hoover Board of Education building (on the right of way) to express our support for the families who are

03 Nov 2009

Love Embraces All

Focus on the Family is coming to Birmingham this weekend for what may very well be its last “Love Won Out” conference ever.  Seems claiming gay and lesbian people can be “cured” isn't as lucrative as it once was, and their funding is drying up, so they figure they'll come

15 Sep 2009

Reaching Out: Ur Doin It Wrong

Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, a Birmingham native, has decided she wants to “regularly visit Alabama and reach out to its citizens”, and she's doing so by joining two exclusive country clubs.  Huh? Now, don't get me wrong.  I enjoy the in your face to Shoal Creek in particular,

02 Sep 2009

Birmingham Settles Discrimination Lawsuit with Central Alabama Pride

Central Alabama Pride 40,350 — Larry Langford 0. The city of Birmingham and a gay pride group today agreed to settle a 2008 federal lawsuit over Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford's opposition to the group which began with an attempt to withhold a parade permit and resulted in a ban on

05 Mar 2009

Got “Milk”? Equality Alabama Fundraiser

The Capri Theatre in Montgomery debuts “Milk” this Friday night, March 6, as a fundraiser for Equality Alabama.  Reception begins at 6 PM, movie at 7 PM, with a panel discussion to follow.  Tickets are $25 and will be available at the door. If you're in the Montgomery area and