17 Nov 2012

The Road to Benghazi

  You can call me crazy – call me irresponsible – even call me late for dinner – but I don’t think I’m wrong about this ~   Lately, the Republicans have been nearly losing what’s left of their collective pod-like minds over the supposed cover-up of the attack on

13 Nov 2012

Instant Karma

The good and noble General David Petraeus has apparently gone all in with a woman or two (or maybe more) who isn’t his wife.  I wonder if this might not turn into a Tiger Woods moment with women eventually crawling out of the woodwork like termites eating their way through

09 Nov 2012

Building A Bigger Tent

Post election I’ve heard a lot of talk from political pundits and writers.  But two refrains seem to be repeated endlessly and by an assortment of people – from the Right to the Left.  This isn’t the first time these topics have been analyzed and grumbled over – I remember

07 Nov 2012

The Morning After

Although I believe these elections are a sham and a not very humorous joke – I will admit that I went to bed last night feeling rather sickened at the possibility of waking up to a President Romney this morning.    There’s really only a hair’s width of difference between

26 Oct 2012

Obama’s Problem

Let it be stated clearly, I am no fan of Barack Obama.  That said, he should be doing far better with the voting public than he is.  The fact that this presidential contest is as close as it is, absolutely sends my mind reeling.  Given the lack of substance, decency

10 Oct 2012

Everybody Loves A Winner

There’s really no hope for this country, I fear.  If there is, it certainly won’t be in my lifetime.  And why do I say this, you might ask?  Well, actually, no one asked, but I’m going to answer anyway.  It’s because you can never, ever underestimate the collective stupidity of

08 Oct 2012

Latter-Day Debate Observations

Before the Presidential debate last Wednesday, I had jokingly commented on another blog that my husband and I might do a drinking game during it.  We could take a shot every time someone lied – and that we’d probably be drunk within ten minutes.  If we’d opened a bottle of

03 Oct 2012

Stop Yelling At Me Sam

Recently a bunch of celebrities have taken to the airwaves to encourage or bully us into voting.  Well…not just vote in general, but vote specifically for Obama.  This is despite the fact that there are several interesting third party nominees to vote for – Rocky Anderson, Jill Stein, and my

02 May 2011

Star-Spangled Jingoism

It’s somewhat disturbing to me that so many liberals and progressives that I normally see eye-to-eye with, today I am at cross-thoughts with.  Instead of a sober and multi-faceted reaction to the recent killing of bin Laden, people are whoopin’ it up in jubilation.   “We won!” and “Obama rocks!” –

20 Apr 2011

My Favorite Martian

Decades ago, courtesy of our astronauts who boldly went where no man had gone before, I saw a photograph of Earth for the first time.  The sight of our planet, in its entire magnificent splendor, dangling out there in space, filled me with reverent awe.  Yet…at the same time…it was