07 Jan 2011

UnCommon Ground – Taking A Step Back And In A Slighty Different Direction

A week ago, I made a decision to take a step back from being oen of the steady writers on MyFDL, and a week of spiritual retreat has confirmed my decision. In the interest of transparency and avoiding any suspicion, I thought I should explain my reasons to the community

30 Dec 2010

Watercooler – First-Time Unemployment Claims Are Down

For the first time in more than two years, the number of Americans filing for their first week of unemployment benefits fell below 400,000 last week.

29 Dec 2010

Watercooler – Redefining Long-Term Unemployment

Citing “an unprecedented rise” in long-term unemployment, the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) announced it is changing its upper-limit for tracking long-term unemployment from two years to five.

28 Dec 2010

Watercooler – When The Government And Media Merge

The mainstream no longer serves as a watchdog over the government. It has become so much of a mouthpiece for the government that it is hard to tell the journalists from the politicians.

27 Dec 2010

Watercooler – Public Support Slipping For Health Insurance Mandate

Less and less people think that requiring people to buy private health insurance is a good idea.

27 Dec 2010

UnCommon Ground – When Big Business and Big Government Merge

Lately, business and government have created an unholy alliance against the people. This ascendant corporatocracy is threatening to unravel our democracy and turn us into a nation where the wealthy few rule over the majority in poverty.
From time to time, the people on the left and the right must unite to fight off this common plutocratic threat.

24 Dec 2010

Watercooler – Peace On Earth

Peace on earth.

23 Dec 2010

Watercooler – All I Want For Christmas

I’m a bit of a procrastinator, so I’m just getting around to making my list for Santa. In no particular order, here’s what I’d like this year.

22 Dec 2010

Watercooler – Should Progressives Be Happy (At Least For A Little While?)

All right, my FDL’ers. Time for some devil’s advocate questions.

21 Dec 2010

Watercooler – Obama’s New Best Friend

One of Pres. Obama’s biggest supporters in the Senate in the past week is not even a member of his own party: Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska). Murkowski supported the president’s position on the Senate’s four biggest votes since last Wednesday.