28 Feb 2012

Dr. Congresswoman joins the GOP’s ‘War on the Uterus’

With the economy desperately trying to pull out of a dive and yet another Middle East war possibly on the horizon, the  Republican party is squarely focused on limiting women’s health choices. And while men’s impotence drugs, like Viagra and Cialis, are doled out by health plans without a whimper from Republicans,

20 Feb 2012

American Taliban: The GOP risks becoming Santorum’s Sharia Party

Rick Santorum is rallying the base, and base is the operative word. Through carefully crafted dog-whistle messaging, Santorum has appealed to all the hate that occupies the darkest bands of our social spectrum. When Santorum says that he doesn’t want to give black (or “blah”) people entitlements, when he says

09 Oct 2011

The next #OccupyWallStreet might not be tweeted

Photo courtesty of mattwi1s0n on Flickr If you’ve been listening to the newscasters and pundits, they’re working that false meme of #OccupyWallStreet lacking focus and clear goals. You may be incredibly frustrated by this, and that’s probably what inspired you to read this post and many other contributions about #OccupyWallStreet

01 Oct 2011

Why Democrats must embrace Occupy Wall Street

Unless you live in a cave or watch Fox News (not that the two are mutually exclusive) you’re likely beginning to hear about Occupy Wall Street, a movement opposed to the negative influence corporations and the wealthiest one percent have over American politics. Occupy Wall Street recognizes the lack of

12 Sep 2011

GOP Congresswoman says America was “foolish and selfish” before 9/11

This odd and troubling video is just another example of how disconnected GOP Representative Nan Hayworth (NY-19) is with her constituency and American culture. In it, Hayworth inappropriately discusses how foolishly America acted in the weeks’s leading to the 9/11 terror attacks, even citing the movie American Beauty as an

25 May 2011

NY-26 aftermath: Paul Ryan unravels on Moanin’ Joe

On Morning Joe this a.m, Congressman Paul Ryan seemed manic, defensive, and vexed. His frustration, anger, and paranoia were palpable. Those hypnotic blue eyes are now puffy and red from exhaustion. Dare I say that Ryan’s beginning to look disheveled? He couldn’t stay on message while he continued to drone

15 May 2011

GOP Congresswoman Gets Sham Award From Big Pharma Front Organization

Nan Hayworth‘s office sent out a press release on Thursday that included a picture of the Congresswoman receiving an award beneath a sign saying, “Senior Citizens Thank You For Protecting Medicare and Social Security.” It appeared to be a perfect photo opportunity for Hayworth, being honored by a group known as the “60 Plus Association” for legislating in their best interests.

But there are two big problems with this picture. First, Nan Hayworth just voted to kill Medicare, if you’re one of the few that has forgotten. And second, the 60 Plus Association is not a senior citizen’s group at all, it’s just a front organization for the pharmaceutical industry. This is a crass attempt by Hayworth to once again deceive her constituents, particularly the elderly.

Back in 2003, the AARP Bulletin recognized 60 Plus as a front group for Big Pharma. The publication claimed that the organization wasn’t even receiving membership dues from seniors at the time and that “virtually all of their largest contributions in recent years have come from the same source—the nation’s pharmaceutical industry.

The Bulletin revealed that 60 Plus was well funded by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), Citizens for Better Medicare, and four pharmaceutical companies, Hanwha International, Merck, Pfizer, and Wyeth-Ayerst. Currently, as a 501(c)(4) tax-exempt organization may legally accept corporate donations, but is not required to disclose its funding sources, which it doesn’t.

60 Plus has also been a favorite cause in among Beltway conservatives. Lobbyist, Republican operative, and convicted felon Jack Abramoff once instructed an Indian tribes he represented to contribute to 60 Plus. Abramoff told the tribe that a donation would help it get support among GOP leadership for its legislative causes.

Since its inception, the 60 Plus Association has had the back of Big Pharma, helping the industry with mass mailings, press releases, and lobbying efforts. It was one of three industry-backed associations that backed the infamous “astroturf” issue ads of Citizens for Better Medicare (another drug industry front group) during the 2000 elections.

Also notable was 60 Plus’s support of lawsuit by PhRMA against the state of Maine, in their issuance of a “friend of the court” brief. PhRMA sued to stop the State from implementing Maine Rx, a law that reduces prices for Medicare drugs by enabling the state to offer discounted prescription drugs to the working poor and elderly through bulk purchases from manufacturers. The trial ultimately went to the Supreme Court, which eventually allowed Maine to implement the trail-blazing program.

29 Oct 2010

Illegal Contributions to Scott Vanderhoef Alleged

Scott Vanderhoef, already well-known for his “pay-to-play” style of politics in New York’s political tinderbox, Rockland County, allegedly took in thousands in illegal campaign contributions during his 2009 County Executive Race. So, how can he possibly be running as a reform State Senate candidate?

06 Sep 2010

NY State Senate: Carlucci Unveils Jobs Plan While Vanderhoef Fiddles

A hotly contested State Senate race in New York demonstrates that the Republicans still don’t have an economic development plan on any level. The contrast is stark in New York as the Democrat upstart for State Senate talks job creation while his Republican opponent seems to care more about giving six-figure patronage jobs to cronies.

28 Aug 2010

NY-19: Nan Hayworth notaries admit to misconduct

Notaries for Republican congressional candidate Nan Hayworth’s campaign responded to Congressman John Hall’s complaints that they engaged in notarial fraud by admitting that they did not work within the limits of the law when carrying petitions.