11 Dec 2007

W is for Women??? Not in this lifetime.

  Everything that this prez does turns to #$*%^(% [insert y'r own favorite expletive].  Iraqi policewomen are told to surrender their weapons  BAGHDAD — The Iraqi government has ordered all policewomen to hand in their guns for redistribution to men or face having their pay withheld, thwarting a U.S. initiative

10 Dec 2007

Jeebus Goes Hi-Tech

Man Claims He Sees Jesus In X-Ray I wonder what Huckabee has to say about this?    ee    

26 Nov 2007

Is it Going to be 2004 All Over Again?

Zogby poll is not making for a happy day today: Clinton slips behind Republican foes in new poll (click on the headline for the link to full article) Is the Left presenting yet another candidate who cannot win? This is not a bash-Hillary post (she is certainly not my choice

24 Nov 2007

Getting Ready to Go to a Party…and Faced with a Quandry

Oh dear! On a cold NYC night my beloved and I are off to a party in Brooklyn. Said beloved, knowing my feet are often cold quite soon after stepping outside, presented me with a gift of bee-you-tee-full long black socks that should help wonderfully with the cold situation. BUT!

23 Nov 2007

Will Any Biblical-Type Handwringing Ensue…?

…somehow, methinks not. It's a busy holiday season, and the fundies have to fight TEH GAY menace and the War On Christmas. So I guess this little incident won't even raise an eyebrow: Police: Parents Leave Child In Car While They Shop Overnight Police said 20-year-old Laura Havens and her

22 Nov 2007

I Live in Both NYC and Miami Beach

In responding to a comment in an earlier post about the "purpleness" of Florida (mixture of red conservatives and blue progressives): Palm Beach County (which recently added transgender non-discrimination) is definitely true blue…Broward County (Ft. Lauderdale area) has enough blue enclaves to give it a purple hue (although with that

21 Nov 2007

Palm Beach County votes to ban discrimination over gender identity, expression

An evolved little section of a Big. Red. State. Good news: WEST PALM BEACH – Following in the footsteps of two other Palm Beach County cities, county commissioners on Tuesday voted to make it illegal for employers to discriminate on the basis of gender identity and expression. The commission voted

19 Nov 2007

Another day…another lovely incident in Amurka’s Bible Belt…

Three Young Boys Arrested in Rape Case ACWORTH, Ga. — Police say they've arrested three young boys on charges they kidnapped and raped an 11-year-old girl in the woods near an Acworth apartment complex. I am sure all the POTUS candidates pandering to the religious reich, and the FOTF and

07 Nov 2007

One for the “Ya THINK?!?!” Category

I can't find the exact time that I was ever (thrilled to be) referenced in PHB, but it was some time in 2004. Pam and I were equally disgusted at the evolution of NCLB (no child left behind) farce that had been rammed into federal law by Preznit Chimpy McC-Student…

31 Aug 2007

My heart is near to burst…

This. Is. Love. ee