15 Feb 2008

Oh yes…a memento

As a farewell for a few days, I would like to leave the fundies who get their knickers in a twist over any progress in the world with this little find from a late-night perusal of Teh Internets. Below…

15 Feb 2008

Faire du Ski

Okey-dokey, folks… Me and the spouse are off to Switzerland to clear our heads on the slopes for about 10 days. Talk to you on the other side – after I break in my new boots! Wishing Pam will feel better, and wishing Autumn a speedy recovery!      

11 Feb 2008

A Study – Two Different Blogs, Two Quotes, Oddly Similar

On my afternoon wanderings around the liberal blogosphere (and doing a few posts/promotions on The Blend), I did see and read one of Pam's posts from today: Blade Hillary Clinton interview: 'I talk about ending discrimination all the time' Some time later, still doing the 'rounds', I ended over on

11 Feb 2008

Taking Bets:

   How do you bet THIS GUY would vote, as a church deacon 'n all, in the upcoming Florida Anti-Gay Amendment?   WTVJ-TV MIAMI – A church deacon was arrested in Miami on Sunday in connection with the rape of a 15-year-old girl. Irvin Van Jenkins, 46, is charged with

07 Feb 2008

Agita…I Has It.

I read some pretty stressful stuff nearly daily – as do all of us active in the blogosphere and who strive to stay informed…particularly in this election year. Sometimes when it gets too much for me I hit Cute Overload, or I Can Has Cheezburger…love them lolcats. But today, reading

04 Feb 2008

Well, folks, tomorrow is going to be a rather exciting, and stressful day…

…so before we call it a night, let’s all relax with a little Wiener Poopie : Brought to you directly from the crimson-colored state of Utah… ee

03 Feb 2008


   It amazes me how many families in this country who go to church can be like this behind the doors of their home. Many churchgoing people hate me and the very space I take up on this planet because I am gay. They spend hours every week to sign

03 Feb 2008

A Word of Wisdom…

…from Jane Goodall: I always say you can choose, every day, what sort of effect you want to have. You can make someone smile or frown; you can bother to water a drooping plant or leave it to die; you can make a dog wag his or her tail or

02 Feb 2008

A Very Surreal Victory, Tempered By Two Things…

Well, what a great notice that came through on my listserv last night! New York Appellate Court rules that out out of state marriages must be recognized! Woo HOO! Yay for all NY couples who married in Massachusetts, or Canada – and yay for ME ! I got married in

16 Dec 2007

Words Fail Me

What can you say, when a front runner for GOP POTUS nominee, beloved prince of the fundies, would raise a spawn like this? (or, for that matter, this)? Of course, Holy Joe will have to vote for the father of this turd if McCain doesn't make it to the next