18 May 2008

Attention all Fundies Pullin’ Out Yr Bibles to Throw at Teh Gayz in CA

Why aren't you throwing your bibles at the countless people (many of whom attend church regularly) who have committed adultery?? Hm??? JESUS said, “I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, and marries another woman commits adultery.” (Matthew 19:9; Mark 10:11; Luke 16:18 NIV). The

15 May 2008

Younger than McCain

A big LOL here. While you're biting your nails waiting for the CA ruling on marriage (as we all are I am sure), head on over to this blog, which has taken the initiative to document everything that is “younger than McCain.” And a heckuva lot there is. The intro

21 Apr 2008


I sent this CNN article: Army, Marines give waivers to more felons to my email list, with the following comment: Yes – let's give waivers to felons convicted of assault and burglary (and even making terrorist threats, as this article states). How else are we going to replace all the

15 Apr 2008

Study: Single parents cost taxpayers $112 billion

Ya think? And there was not a single reference to the number of gay and lesbians raising kids who, regardless of whether they are partnered or not, are considered by the federal government – IRS included – to be 'single.' Jerks. Funny, there was this ad, though, at the bottom

15 Apr 2008

It’s well and truly spring…

…in Manhattan. What could have been a rather painful day turned out quite nicely. I picked up taxes from my CPA at 4:30 and found I didn’t owe anything; in fact, I have some to keep in the ‘bank’ (federal and state) for next year. Woo hoo! Then down to

14 Apr 2008


Half of the American people have never read a newspaper. Half never voted for President. One hopes it is the same half.                                        – Gore Vidal ee

14 Apr 2008

Email from my editor

I am writing a book on online networking for Entrepreneur Press – publication January, 2009. I am in the throes of research right now, and happened upon an outstanding book – Wikinomics, by Don Tapscott & Anthony D. Williams. I have become email friendly with my editor (we can both

14 Apr 2008

Tale of Two Headlines

Today's front page of section one of the New York Times had two very telling headlines. The first: Co-Payments Go Way Up for Drugs with High Prices Basically, more proof that health care in the United States – that's right, in the country still arguably the 'best place to live'

11 Apr 2008

A Red Carpet for Gay Weddings

Perhaps we can let the REAL ruler of Amurka – the almighty dollar – push equal rights along, finally. Certainly looks more promising than waiting for Democratic politicians to help.   ee 

18 Mar 2008

Blenders – Request for input from the Collective – PRIZES to be awarded

So I have a business associate. He is conservative, mega-Christian, very high up in the health insurance business (read: completely opposed to universal healthcare, my personal favorite cause, equal to LGBT rights). He is also very kind to me and my spouse – even though his 'religion' opposes our very