24 Jun 2008

In which I have a little hope….

So…the understatement of the year is the disgust I have had with Congress and the FISA bill. The Dems I hoped would bring at least some balance to the system have basically pulled them down and let their posteriors hang all the way out since taking the majority in 2006.

23 Jun 2008

Children drugged, made to put on sex shows for adults…in Texas.

Words fail, sometimes:   Mineola, Texas is a typically small conservative U.S. town, filled with more than 30 churches. But what prosecutors say happened in that rural hamlet is anything but typical. In fact, it's more like something out of a nightmare. As the trial of Patrick Kelly (top left)

11 Jun 2008

Norway Allows Full Marriage Rights

UPDATE: Thanks to Lev, who provided the English-language link in the comments, we get a quote from Norway's minister of family that made me weep, a bit, to know that there are more and more countries out there who “get it.”:   “The new law won't weaken marriage as an

07 Jun 2008

Self-Pardon for War Crimes???

I hope this won’t get lost over the weekend – this is a UK You Tube video. Folks, opinion please? http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=… Julien

06 Jun 2008

W is for Women…

…my arse. Another by-product of the war that – surprise, surprise (not) – W led the US into with manipulated data. Jerk.   Julien/ee 

02 Jun 2008

Great Site for Procrastinators

Watching America See what the world thinks…of us. (okay – back to work now!) Julien/ee

01 Jun 2008

She’s Coming Out – Again

First of all, on this quiet Sunday afternoon, I wanted to say again how thrilling it is to be heading to the DNC with such an awesome team. It seems like yesterday when it was the horrible 2004 election and a bunch of passionate “bloggrrllls” met in the comments on

31 May 2008

Obama resigns from Trinity Church

Interesting timing, especially in light of the day-long discussions taking place about the reinstatements of FL and MI delegates today. Video below: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/… ee *** NOTE FROM PAM: I was going to post on this but ee beat me to it. I’ll just add my thoughts below. It was simply

31 May 2008

Two Questions about Today’s Deliberations on Florida and Michigan

1. Why did they decide about just doing a re-vote in both states? 2. Why, when the DNC made a new “rule” that Nevada and South Carolina would be inserted between Iowa and New Hampshire, and New Hampshire disregarded that rule and moved its primary up in time to keep

20 May 2008

I weep.

Worst. President. Ever. ee