26 Aug 2008

Cool glimpse…

Behind the scenes with Michelle Obama during the day on Monday before her speech.

25 Aug 2008

Thank you, from all of us, Ted Kennedy

At tonight's speech, Ted Kennedy said, loud, clear, proud, and true: “Obama will close the gap between straight and gay.”   Not a dry eye in the Live Blog when he said that.   Julien

25 Aug 2008

Set up and ready to host from a Miami Beach Starbucks!

Wow! I Over 3 hours late, I made it to Miami Beach. I lost out on a 4:30 meeting, a podcast (which was thankfully rescheduled) I am doing with my biggest client/colleague, but…I am here at one of the (many) Starbucks on Miami Beach, practicing a bit again with the

25 Aug 2008

Getting Your Ride On at the DNC

Kicking Into High Gear: Nation's Largest Bike-Sharing Program Debuts at Democratic National Convention I am an avid bike-commuter (living in NYC it is much easier than in many suburban or rural areas of course). I try to use my little Dahon Speed D7 as my primary means of transportation except

25 Aug 2008

The “Big Sell” OPEN THREAD

Biased much? Wolf Blitzer's headlining CNN.com today by saying “Democrats begin 'big sell' in Denver”…. Pam and team are almost assembled and will be sending a lot of coverage today. I am en route to Miami so it will be light on “non-DNC” posting today but I will stick up

24 Aug 2008

A “Safe Flight, Pam!” OPEN THREAD

Pam will be taking off soon – if she hasn't already. Consider this an open thread, with a bit of a theme: What are your thoughts, hopes, expectations, etc. for this week?  Julien

24 Aug 2008

Keeping the Home Front

Hi Blenders – I will be covering the blog on the “home front” from my place in Miami Beach this week while the team provides you the best coverage around of the goings on out in Denver. I will be monitoring the Tips line and getting as many things up

20 Aug 2008

In which I read a letter…

…by Michael Moore to Caroline Kennedy, the head of his Veep finding committee. The crux? He wants her to “pull a Cheney” and nominate herself, and gives the reasons why (along with some very good arguments why none of Obama's short listers are appropriate Veep picks – and I heartily

25 Jun 2008

Old Raul’s Daughter Still Has Her Work Cut Out….

  Get a load of these cretins. Hey Mariela – can you talk to your dad about his police force, please? Seems they're not exactly with the program, as far as your vision of tolerance. That is all. Julien / ee

25 Jun 2008

So what, exactly, are you saying, Ralph?

So, apparently Ralph Nader is willing to explain – but not apologize for – remarks made in a recent interview. The original remarks are summarized here: In an interview with the Rocky Mountain News, Mr. Nader, who is running for president, said of Mr. Obama, “There’s only one thing different