08 Sep 2008

This is a nice thing to see at 5 pm on a busy Monday

  New poll shows Fla. anti-gay amendment faltering   Woo HOO!

06 Sep 2008

Banning Books…Amazing that this is still a threat in the 21st Century

[UPDATE]: This post has been rewritten, post-comment 27 or so…Julien It is common knowledge that Sarah Palin inquired about about how to censor books in the Wasilla Public Library. As has been pointed out in major media outlets, when she was unsuccessful in her attempt, she then tried to have

04 Sep 2008

CALL TO ACTION – Calling All Blenders

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: A conservative wrote this to me tonight. Blenders, please respond to any or all of the points he writes below. Please correspond your responses with the numbers of his talking points. This point of view he has represents MANY educated, wealthy, Christian

03 Sep 2008

Court Backs Paterson Regarding Gay Unions

Great news. While the Log Cabin Republicans are pulling them down for the GOP and a VP who would likely love to send them to mandatory visits to ex-gay facilities (fully funded by the Federal Government in less than a year after she is elected, I imagine), I would like

28 Aug 2008

Noam Chomsky on the Election Coverage

“The campaign is run by the same people who sell toothpaste, exactly the same PR agencies. And when they sell a candidate they do it the exact same way they sell a lifestyle drug. You don't put up information about the candidate, what you do is create delusional images that

27 Aug 2008

In which I receive an email…

…from my very good friend Mario. He is a kick a*s guy, did all the photography for my NYC cabaret last year, is right with me in supporting everything about Radical Russ's favorite platform, and a progressive's progressive. We met four years ago right around this time, when I was

27 Aug 2008

Come join Julien tonight and tomorrow for the CoverItLive!

We have secured a great venue to blog and watch the convention tonight and tomorrow night! If you are in the South Florida area, and want to join me, contact me at the Tips email (above left on this home page) and I'll let you know where I will be!

26 Aug 2008

Getting settled in for the Live Blog – today’s pics

Hi all – So I am much better settled in tonight! I am at my great friend Tony's bar, where it is very quiet due to the last hot week in Miami before fall, and with a hurricane threat in the Caribbean. I have a/c, a flat screen TV dedicated

26 Aug 2008

Buzzflash Editors’ Blog Declares Michelle Obama THE American Dream

From the great reactions I have been reading all over Teh Internets this afternoon (and judging from the reactions of the Freeper swamp-dwellers), it seems that the Buzzflash folks are spot on. A snippet here, but please read the entire letter: The story she told Monday night is not an

26 Aug 2008

From the DNC Floor – Christine Quinn

I have given up the no-state-income-tax state of FL as my registered domicile, even though I own property here, to live in NY more full-time and gladly share my income with such a beautifully blue state. Here is a mini interview I found from my own city councilperson, Speaker, second