13 Feb 2007

Another State Joins the Bigot Registry…

…and continues to slide backwards into the Middle Ages. Interesting how ever since I was a little girl growing up in Indiana, everyone always argued about what “Hoosier” (as in “Hoosier State”) actually meant. Well, all I can say is, now we know…it means “bigot.” (Or, to be fair, it

12 Feb 2007

I guess we knew this might be coming…

Gay marriage foes launch petition drive for constitution change TRENTON, N.J. — Gay marriage opponents launched a petition drive Monday to try to persuade legislative leaders to allow a vote on a proposal to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. The move comes a week

11 Feb 2007

About Julien Sharp

Passions: Evolution as knowledge and fact for all, rescue pets, non-partisan progress, term limits for all politicians and judges in every branch of government, elimination of all LGBT-related suicides (particularly in the teenage population), the end of people using their religion to restrict others’ civil rights. Home blog: The Educated

11 Feb 2007

In Case Some Folks Didn’t Get the Memo…

…the community guidelines of the ‘Blend are as follows: http://www.pamshouse… Geez.

10 Feb 2007

Monday is Darwin Day!

And – I love it – many er, evolved churches are celebrating Evolution Sunday tomorrow. Check this out: http://cosmiclog.msn… (Cross-posted with the variation of adding a photo of dear Darwin at The Educated Eclectic, http://edeclectic.bl…)

10 Feb 2007

Something about Mary(‘s)…

…brother-in-law. Yep – he married into the right family, looks like. http://thinkprogress… Imagine hindering an investigation!! Unheard of…not.

09 Feb 2007

Trying to Deny or Destroy What Doesn’t Fit in Their Narrow Minds

A real pet peeve of mine: Creationism. The fundies want to hide – or perhaps destroy – actual evidence that contradicts their myopic views of existence…funny how the most homophobic are the ones most likely to pull this kind-o-caca:   NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) – Deep in the dusty, unlit corridors

09 Feb 2007

Gee, that didn’t take long…

The Prada Pope is tripping over his red shoes over Italy’s movement toward civil rights for all of its citizens. http://365gay.com/Ne…

09 Feb 2007

All the Way…

…to the Homepage and the Front Page of the New York Times, has our own Shakespeare’s Sister made it! http://www.nytimes.c… Interesting take, and the NYTimes tried to make it a poor-Edwards-in-a-catch-22-situation, of course. And not a SINGLE WORD about the radical words, vitriolic hate speech and slurs against gays, Jews,