22 Mar 2007

Shame of War – Female Victims Around the Globe

Please consider downloading this e-book and sharing it. It was released in early March by  IRIN, the humanitarian news and analysis service of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. I discovered it today and it is profound. GLOBAL: Shame of War: a new book on sexual violence

23 Feb 2007

So Many Thoughts…

…so little time. I am preparing for my FIRST computer-free vacation with my beloved since July 2004. I have promised to leave said laptop at home (and as a freelance writer this is very hard to do!). We are even leaving our little rescue dog home for the first time

20 Feb 2007

Heather, ya better take note…

You could be on the wrong end of this story someday if you and l’il Mar have a l’il tiff that results in, er…irreconcilable differences. Having a baby “together” in Virginia?? What were you thinking ?!?!? I mean, this poor non-bio mom is screwed and they started out in Vermont,

18 Feb 2007

Another Poison Day in Bushville

F these people – when will it end? http://www.cnn.com/2… If it made it to sanitized CNN, it really must be bad.

18 Feb 2007

A View…

…into what has happened in many states, and what can and will happen in the newest states considering and likely passing constitutional amendments allowing discrimination and hate against a single group of people: I was born and raised in Indiana, and even though I left at age 21, all of

15 Feb 2007

Disappointed but not overall surprised

Please note that this post, and its opinions, are wholly those of the author of this post, and were not written at the request of, nor as the result of any interview with, either of the bloggers about which it was written  ee I don’t even need to delve into

15 Feb 2007

One Amazing S(hero)…

I heart this woman: http://365gay.com/Ne… I also hope she has got a bodyguard with her at all times whilst she is in Tanzania.

14 Feb 2007

Happy Valentine’s Day

From ee, age 6 Aren’t kids cool?

13 Feb 2007

Continuing from the below discussion about adoptive parents…

Here is one of the reasons I now do not mind that I pay state income taxes (when I moved from FL to NY): http://365gay.com/Ne…

13 Feb 2007

I have to wonder…

I have to wonder what goes on in the minds of people. As I see the legislature of the state in which I was born continue to steamroll discrimination into the constitution, I wonder what is it about two people who, simply, love differently, that incites so much hate. One