31 Aug 2007

Something tells me that an announcement will be slipped in at 4:45 pm today (Friday)…

…if such an announcement is going to be made at all. ee 

18 Aug 2007

Channeling the Cognitive Dissonance of Leviticus

  Leviticus is the book that the self-proclaimed “Christians” love to use against gay people. But those same people/sheeple are SINNING according to the same book of the Bible. Leviticus 19:19 says: .. neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woolen come upon thee. Enter sheeple: Oh dear lord!!

06 Aug 2007

Fundie Parents from Hell (or Indiana; for gay couples the two terms are synonymous…)

Read not only the heartbreaking, insulting, frustrating, and debilitating situation this poor couple is in…the story in the Indianapolis Star has now got over 200 comments in the “talk back” feature. Custody case stirs gay-marriage debate Battle over visitation, care of disabled man flares between parents and longtime partner  

02 Aug 2007

Pre-Friday Dog Blog

I know on many blogs, Friday is pet day, but quite frankly my post below so deflated me that I needed a pick-me-up, and man, my doggie does make my heart go shine…so here is the most recent photo of the educated eclectic and her equally-eclectic dog…  

02 Aug 2007

Australia…Another Step Backward in Evolution and Tolerance

Another country puts sticking it to “teh gays” over what it should be doing: Making sure that all children needing loving homes get them… From 365gay.com:  Australia Moves To Ban Gay Couples From Adopting Overseas  From the article:   Australia's largest LGBT civil rights organization said Thursday that the bill

30 Jul 2007

More on the Toilet-Fixated Mayor

One of Pam's regular readers, 'Bean, and I had an interesting exchange with Nicky Grossman, regarding the Naugle debacle. Nicky Grossman works at the Greater Ft. Lauderdale Convention and Visitors' Bureau. Throughout the whole situation, I read with interest the various LGBT websites and other news sources covering it…after all,

27 Jun 2007

Another reason why I agree with Nancy’s post below

Two posts below, Nancy Goldstein makes a strong case about the reasons why Dems will not get her contributions until they step up to the plate for gay rights. I agreed with her in the comments section (as did many/most of the Blender commenters in that post). Although originally from

08 Jun 2007

My Wake-Up Read

Hello and Good Morning to You, Blenders… Anticipating a busy weekend, I rose early (for me) to get ready to take my beloved little dog for his summer haircut. (He certainly needed it after a cold winter.) I was hit not once but twice by two pieces in the NY

06 Jun 2007

Teacher suspended after discussion with student about gay, racial slurs

Please can someone explain why  this teacher has been suspended? Am I completely missing something? The story appeared in the WBIR.com (Knoxville) news website. ee

01 Jun 2007

Destruction of Property

Losing one’s laptop is indeed a travesty, especially for our blogggrrl extraordinaire! Sorry to hear about that, Pam. Thinking of destruction of property, I was rather shocked this morning, reading the current issue of New York magazine. Are you familiar with the “Approval Matrix”? It is a grid with “Highbrow”