09 Jan 2009

A Class Act

Governor Palin is a little upset about double standards

“When I heard Barack Obama state in one of his interviews … that his wife was off limits, meaning, his family was off limits, I naively believed that they respected that … that it applied to all of us, but it didn’t apply.”

04 Jan 2009

Kennedy: Tastefully Appointed, or Not

Rumors of Ms. Kennedy’s inevitability having, apparently, been a touch exaggerated, we’re back to gaming Governor Paterson’s senatorial appointment.

29 Dec 2008

Bush Sold Handshake to “Pardon Guy” Isaac Toussie’s Dad

The White House says they didn’t know about the donation to the RNC’s McCain Victory Committee from Robert Toussie, the father of the man with the rescinded pardon. Unfortunately, in the picture which has since come to light of the two shaking hands, Bush is thanking him for the check.

27 Dec 2008

Caroline Kennedy – “I have to work twice as hard”

Caroline Kennedy says she’s willing to work harder than the other candidates for Senator Clinton’s seat. She hasn’t addressed how long it’s going to take her to catch up at that rate.

26 Dec 2008

Funny, if it were funny


26 Dec 2008

Justice O’Connor Gets the Gift of Deodorant

Justice Sandy is getting an award for her noble fight against politicizing the judiciary, her previous battle against letting the winner of the 2000 presidential election choose her successor having worked out so well. Presumably the award, like Bush v. Gore and Justice O’Connor’s ethics, is limited to the present circumstances.

24 Dec 2008

Tonia Thomas: An Unusual Soldier in the War on Christmas

The interesting thing about the War on Christmas this year is that the Falwell family is fighting on both sides.

22 Dec 2008

Deborah Howell’s Foolish Consistency

Deborah Howell, the ombudsman of the Washington Post, is writing an endless series of valedictory columns to mark her departure after three contentious years on the job. What’s her takeaway? Amazingly, exactly what she thought she knew coming in: coverage in the Washington Post just isn’t slanted enough towards conservatives – even the conservative stuff.

19 Dec 2008

The best New York government money can buy

You have to wonder why Ms. Kennedy is wasting her time with Al Sharpton and the Mayors of upstate cities. If she wants to parachute into national office from NY, Chuck Schumer is the guy she should be talking to.

12 Dec 2008

Laura tells Obama family: no room at the inn

Those classy folks who are departing the presidency have told the Obama family they can’t have a few rooms in Blair House to move into a few days early so the girls can start school on time. Most people who are as noisily enthusiastic about Christmas as the current occupants of the White House might hear “in the manger” around this time of year and think “baby.” Apparently, they’ve decided to go with “dog”