09 Feb 2009

RNC Chair Steele Evolves on Trusting Criminals

Michael Steele says that we should ignore allegations about his campaign spending because they come from a convicted criminal. So did a few of his high-profile endorsements.

06 Feb 2009

Nerve of Steele

Newly-named RNC Chair Michael Steele says he’s going to make the GOP competitive in the, how shall I put this, less monochromatic territory of the northeast. It seems unlikely.

30 Jan 2009

Obama vs. Rush?

Well, some people, including the folks voting for RNC chair, think so. That’s why the guy who tied his fate to Rush dropped out.

29 Jan 2009

Katrina Fried Rice

So it turns out that like most of us, Dr. Rice was unhappy about the way Katrina turned out.

Well, maybe not like most of us.

26 Jan 2009

Your Liberal Media–Bill Kristol Edition

Why people keep hiring Bill Kristol – and why they keep firing him.

23 Jan 2009

‘Cause the (Inaugural) Bible Tells Me So

So, if you blinked yesterday, you probably missed the ginormous fuss over President Obama’s do-over of the oath of office. Apparently, in the rush to conciliate people who didn’t realize that he became president automatically at noon while the quartet was-or-wasn’t playing, the Obama family didn’t have time to dig their bible out of their luggage. The missing Bible, the hostile justice, the screwed-up oath? Not the first time.

21 Jan 2009

A New Kind of History

Slaves—men of West African origin branded with Christian monikers like Tom, Peter, Ben, Harry, and Daniel—helped build the White House. Three were on loan from its chief architect, James Hoban. Construction began in 1792, and slaves worked as sawyers, quarrymen, carpenters, stonemasons, brickmakers. Such was the fabric of the new republic:

19 Jan 2009

Inaugural Nonsense on the Right

The problem with PEBO’s inaugural festivities for the usual suspects is, of course, that he’s having them at all. That battle being convincingly lost, our friends on the right are becoming increasingly desperate to find something the rest of us will object to.

16 Jan 2009

Today, on As the Senate Appointment Turns

Reports that Governor Paterson is determined to appoint Caroline Kennedy to Senator Clinton’s seat may be a bit exaggerated.

14 Jan 2009

Civil Wrongs in the Bush DOJ

Remember Brad Schlozman, Bush’s dubious head of the Justice Department Civil Rights division? According to the Department’s Inspector General, he broke the law making personnel decisions for political reasons. Then he lied to Congress about it.