20 Aug 2008

Crazy Sex Laws You Should Know About

We all should make sure we are educated on the laws of our country. That being said, where can one go to learn about sexual law in the U.S.? You can’t learn this stuff in school or in church. So here’s some info, some of it may be outdated, but

20 Aug 2008

Principal Outs High School Student, ACLU Steps in and Wins

H/T to Louise ACLU sues a high school principal whose behavior is being described as conducting a witchhunt against gay students and supporters in a small Florida town. PONCE DE LEON, Fla. – When a high school senior told her principal that students were taunting her for being a lesbian,

16 Aug 2008

John McCain sued by Jackson Browne

John McCain is being sued by the artist Jackson Browne over the use of his song “Running on Empty” without his permission. Reuters In the suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, Browne claims McCain and the party did not obtain permission to use the song for an

13 Aug 2008

AFA Action Alert : McDonalds Does it Again

Important news from the AFA 8-13-08  Seems McDonalds has been sponsoring equality again…… First, the company paid $20,000 to become a member of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and to have a seat on the board of directors. So…problem??? Next, McDonald’s refused a request to remain neutral

13 Aug 2008

Scientific proof of Homosexual validity

Science Daily (June 30, 2008) – Homosexual behaviour is largely shaped by genetics and random environmental factors, according to findings from the world’s largest study of twins. Dr Qazi Rahman, study co-author and a leading scientist on human sexual orientation, explains: “This study puts cold water on any concerns that

11 Aug 2008

Focus on the Family Asks for Rain on Obama’s Acceptance Speech

UPDATE: Here’s the video, via Right Wing Watch and Good As You: UPDATE 2 (from Autumn): Below is an excerpt of the Focus On The Family Radio Broadcast of July 21, 2008. In the broadcast, Dr. Albert Mohler and Dr. James Dobson discuss how awful an Obama candidacy is. The

03 Aug 2008

Leaky toilet gets Chinese official a death sentence

BEIJING, China (CNN) — A former Chinese government official has been sentenced to death after a leaky toilet led police to a stash of cash he’d collected in bribes, state media reported. A death sentence for bribery. Does that sound a little extreme? Maybe a death sentence for stupidity, now

02 Aug 2008

AFA takes aim at PBS

Have you been to the AFA website recently? No, of course you haven’t. Well, they want the government to stop funding the Public Broadcasting System because they are doing a piece about false bible stories which airs Nov. 18. Archaeologist William Dever said: “…It’s (The Bible’s Buried Secrets) designed for

13 Jul 2008

Educating the AFA

The following are excerpts from an article on the NGLCC website. The full article can be accessed here When the American Family Association took issue with McDonald’s for its sponsorship of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, what was missing from the group’s assault were the facts. And

28 Jun 2008

Poking fun at Dobson and Religion

I couldn’t help but want to share this with any of you who might enjoy a good satire on religious based values. If you have never heard of Landover Baptist Church and Pastor Deacon Fred, you are in for some laughs. His website is a satire of the Baptist religion,