11 Sep 2008

Sean Hannity gets owned by Robert Kuttner

Hannity interrupts about 2 minutes in, he gets royally bitchslapped!!! Note to Sean Hannity: Don’t expect to win an argument with someone smarter than you. HANNITY: Here’s what we have. You say – you spew this line, DNC talking points. KUTTNER: I don’t spew any goddamn line. HANNITY: You said

05 Sep 2008

Joe Biden Rips the RNC

I like Joe Biden. Let ‘er rip Joe!

03 Sep 2008

Todd, Noonan, Murphy caught off camera say choosing Palin a ‘Gimmick’, etc.

Chuck Todd, Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy thought the audio stopped rolling and decided to speak the truth about what they think about McCain’s veep choice Palin.  

02 Sep 2008

The Truth about Sarah Palin-Letter from Anne Kilkenny

We all are still searching for the truth about would be veep Palin, and I’d like you all to take a gander at this letter written by a woman who is a resident of the town of Wasilla, Alaska, where Palin was once mayor. Anne Kilkenny has known Palin since

01 Sep 2008

Palin’s Troopergate Scandal Growing

Veep pick Sarah Palin has recently hired an attorney to defend her in the growing investigation of the dismissal of Public Safety Commisioner Walter Monegan. It seems Monegan refused to fire Palin’s brother-in-law, an Alaskan State Trooper. AJC The first serious scandal in Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s administration has roots

31 Aug 2008

The AFA targets Planned Parenthood Teen Website

The AFA, in their latest whine, now accuse the government of abusing tax dollars by creating a website that promotes sex, homosexuality, and abortion for teens. Planned Parenthood’s new site, Take care down there.org is an educational site trying to relate to teens in order to promote respect for their

24 Aug 2008

Comments from ‘Principal Outs High School Student’

Recently on the Blend there was a post called Principal Outs High School Student, ACLU steps in and Wins Please read it if you haven’t already. I also gave my comment on the original story. Well, I just went back to it because it’s one of those articles you find

22 Aug 2008

Fundies Lose Faith-Based Funding for Proselytizing

A fundamentalist Christian group out of Kentucky, Teen Challenge, who claimed to help teens battle substance abuse through religious study and prayer has voluntarily given up a federal grant after a protest from Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Americans United is a non profit organization, that is

21 Aug 2008

Hallmark Gay Marriage cards spark boycott by the Peter, et al

Peter LaBarbera has something up his ass again. No, it’s not a leather butt plug. Well, maybe that too. But these days his frothing of the mind is oozing all over gay greeting cards. He is urging people to boycott Hallmark for their recent decision to come out with same