06 Jan 2013

Fish Smart, People Stupid

If you live near a significant body of water—along the ocean, near a lake or bay, or close to a notable river or tributary—you’ve probably seen a sign similar to this one posted in a local wildlife reserve on the eastern shore of the San Francisco Bay. Sadly, it is

19 Dec 2012

The Other NRA

Children are dying. They are caught in the crossfire between profits and an unassailable national identity, and their numbers only seem to increase with each passing news cycle. This carnage continues because a well-entrenched interest group refuses to relent, forever unwilling to cede their ideology or their profits. And the

10 Dec 2012

You know that kidnapped doctor rescued by SEAL Team Six over the weekend?

Covert Ops and Black Ops and Special Ops. And SEAL Team Six. And Homeland on TV, too! Guess what? Ops are in. Ops even have their own trade show! But they are not usually meant to be photo ops…except when they are. Whether or not “The Op” is meant for

23 Mar 2011

When Presidents Attack!

Obama is now a real American President.

20 Mar 2011

Glenn Beck’s Moment of Truth

Glenn the Apostle’s moment of truth lasted about a second, the other truths will be with us for generations.

10 Mar 2011

Reel Bad Arabs

If you want to see the depths being mined by Rep. King and Glenn Beck, watch a widely-ignored documentary titled “Reel Bad Arabs.”

10 Mar 2011

The Global War on Celebrity

There is a battle raging in the media between Charlie’s War and Afghanistan’s War. Which one do you think is…”winning?”

27 Feb 2011

Rewriting the Union Label

It’s so much easier to blame teachers and unions than it is to blame parents and our bogus economic model.

25 Feb 2011

Entitlements “R” Us

Why don’t we call the defense budget an “entitlement?”

24 Feb 2011

Leaf Blower America

Imagine what amnesty could do for union membership. That’s just one reason immigration will persist as a hot button issue for years to come.