26 Nov 2013

Federal Judge: CIA “Treachery” Regarding Still-Classified JFK Files

CIA treachery? Shocking! Well, that’s according to Federal Judge John Tunheim, as featured in a Boston Globe story on the “trove” of secret files still being withheld by the US Government fifty years after JFK was murdered in Dealey Plaza. How would Judge Tunheim know about this trove of treachery?

21 Nov 2013

JFK & the Anti-Conspiracy Conspiracy

Editor’s Note: Join JP Sottile and Lisa Derrick Monday night as they host John Barbour to discuss the JFK assassination and The Garrison Tapes, 8pm ET, 5pm PT. Every day, people are charged with criminal conspiracy in courtrooms around the country. In those cases, a “conspiracy” merely describes a criminal

13 Nov 2013

JFK Assassination Anniversary Primer

The 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s murder is upon us, and the mainstream noise machine has kicked into high gear, delivering an array of official apologias, confusing counter-narratives and bizarre conspiracy theories. Every year, the media predictably circles back to the theory that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone

07 Nov 2013

The CIA’s Memory Prison

The memory hole is deep at Guantánamo Bay. Its gaping maw has swallowed international law, the lives of hundreds of detainees and the moral consequences of torture. And now it has quite literally swallowed the memories of five men currently engaged in a prolonged pre-trial process at the infamous prison.

24 Oct 2013

What If Obamacare Was A Fighter Jet?

Imagine if you will … an epic government failure. Chronic mismanagement and cost over-runs. Incomplete software coding, timely political donations and undelivered promises. And zero accountability. Now, imagine the outrage. No, really. You will actually have to imagine the outrage. That’s because The Great American Outrage Machine™ has no interest

28 Aug 2013

American Empire: A Glass House Built By Stone Throwers

Hypocrisy. It is the mother’s milk of imperialism. Whether it is in the service of “civilizing” barbarians, converting “heathens,” or, in its most recent incarnation, extending the reach of “democracy,” the bottom line of imperialism has always been the bottom line. The bottom line of the infamous “White Man’s Burden”

07 Jul 2013

FDL Book Salon Welcomes Frederic C. Rich, Christian Nation: A Novel

“Don’t the ‘what-ifs’ help us to answer why?”

That’s the key question asked by both the protagonist in Frederic Rich’s new novel—“Christian Nation”—and by Rich himself as he postulates an American future radically altered by President Sarah Palin and a host of Christian Dominionist ideologues.

How and why Evangelicals persist, what motivates their zealotry and what they would do with power if they got it—these are the “What-ifs” Rich asks through his characters and a counterfactual storyline that takes readers from a key historical tipping point—the election and subsequent death of John McCain in 2008—through plausible plot twists and fictional conflicts that remain deeply rooted in the very real people, politics and ideologies that even today are significant forces in American life.

14 Mar 2013

Handling the Bush Family’s Baggage

cross-posted on Newsvandal.com Nowadays, it’s awfully expensive to get all your baggage onto an airliner. Unless your name is Bush and the plane is Air Force One. In fact, the mainstream media has a long history of bending over backwards to help handle the Bush family’s substantial pile of baggage.

27 Feb 2013

The Military-Industrial Marx Brothers

The great Lisa Derrick of La Figa likes to say that “nomenclature is destiny.” That adage proved true once again, this time in the strange case of the four “best-paid” Congressional beneficiaries of the defense industry’s impressive political slush fund. According to a recent article in AlterNet, four of the

24 Feb 2013

The Foreclosure Crisis is the Biggest Scandal of All

(cross-posted from Newsvandal.com) Language matters. And right now, we are in the midst of an epic word game. The name of this game is “crisis.” First it was the “Financial Crisis.” Now it is the “Foreclosure Crisis.” But the word “crisis” doesn’t even begin to tell the story of what