27 Jun 2011

Carpe Diem, California

New York has passed marriage equality. Let's repeat that. In. A. Big. Bold. Font. New York has passed marriage equality! or even better Why not then California?  

02 Jun 2011

New Poll: NY Supports Marriage Equality — Big Time. 14 Other States Say ‘I Do’ Too.

The latest Quinnipaic poll shows 22% more New Yorkers favor marriage equality than not. This result ties with and is identical to the previous high recorded just a month ago by Sienna College.  Both polls showed a 58%-36% spread. Quinnipaic, 6/1/11, 1257 registered voters. “Would you support or oppose a

13 May 2011

Kirsten Gillibrand: “My Goal is to Talk to All of Them.”

Senator (D-Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party) Gillibrand of New York said today in a television interview that her goal was to talk to every NY State Senator, Democrat or Republican who is undecided on the issue of marriage equality.  Listen: My goal is to talk to all of them…All

27 Apr 2011

Rhode Island Surrenders. Marriage Equality Bites the Dust. Again.

The Speaker of the Rhode Island House of Representatives, Gordon Fox, officially conceded today that there is not enough support in the Legislature to pass a marriage equality bill. House Speaker Gordon Fox, who is gay and is a leading supporter of the gay marriage bill, says that it’s clear

14 Mar 2011

A Working Class / LGBT Hero Is Something To Be.

The LGBT community has known about Iowa Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal for some time, ever since his video, “You’ve Already Lost” went viral back in 2009. At that time, Gronstal refused to allow a vote on a constitutional amendment to take away marriage equality, and has continued to do

02 Mar 2011

A Big Frackin’ Deal: For The First Time, More Americans Support Marriage Equality Than Oppose It.

Last week, the General Social Survey (GSS) released data for 2010. According to Sociologist Darren Sherkat of Southern Illinois University, who’s taken a close look at the dataset, for the first time, more Americans support than oppose same-sex marriage. Here’s the way the data for legalizing same-sex marriage looks from

28 Feb 2011

Equality Never Comes Easy: Maryland, Rhode Island and New Hampshire All Need Your Help.

Last week, the Maryland Senate voted 25-21 to legalize same-sex marriage. With that vote, many thought that the legislation was all but passed; the House of Delegates would surely make short work of the bill, with its 96-45 Democratic majority, six openly gay members, and a reputation for being more

16 Feb 2011

California Supreme Court Accepts Prop 8 Question

The California Supreme Court has decided to accept the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals request to decide whether the Defendant-Intervenor’s in Perry v Schwarzenegger (the Proposition 8 case) have standing under California law to act as defendants in the case. As the notice says, oral arguments are estimated to be

09 Feb 2011

PPP to NOM: Prop 8 Will Die. (It’s Just a Matter of How.)

Yesterday Public Policy Polling (PPP) released its latest 'Miscellaneous California' poll, asking about same-sex marriage. “Do you think same sex marriage should be legal or illegal?”   Legal:   51%   Illegal: 40%   Polling 892 California voters, the resulting differential of 11% is far beyond the margin of error (3.3%). These

06 Jan 2011

The Only Way for Prop 8 to Die Is For Us to Kill It.

This week's actions by a 3-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals very likely delayed a decision in Perry v. Schwarzenegger (the Proposition 8 trial) for many months. That means that it becomes more and more likely that there will never be a final judgement handed down, because