18 Sep 2014

Iraq & Syria: How does this end?

  America is about to start yet ANOTHER war to stop terrorism. But, we’ve been invading, bombing, cruise missiling, and droning countries for decades, and terrorism hasn’t gone away. Congress and the President need to stop and think — how does this end? The simple answer is that it doesn’t.

24 Jun 2014

VIDEO: Los Angeles, Wage Theft Capital of the USA

  At Brave New Films, much of our work focuses on the ways powerful people profit from exploiting non-powerful people. Whether that’s private prison companies profiting from locking up poor people for non-violent offenses, or the world’s billionaires buying governmental policies that benefit them at the expense of the working

04 Jun 2014

VIDEO: To Prison For Poverty

  Many people think that debtor’s prisons disappeared from American society just as surely as horse-based transportation. But in fact, people who are too poor to pay fines are still being threatened with incarceration today, but with an all too familiar twist: private companies are making money off people who

19 May 2014

VIDEO: His Purple Heart Didn’t Mean Shit

Bad Paper How often have we heard of employees being injured on the job and their bosses trying to squirm out of paying for benefits? We’ve seen it with coal miners and NFL players,  but what if the job was defending our country, and the boss was the US military? That’s

21 Apr 2014

VIDEO: What are your chances of going to prison?

  If you follow Brave New Films you already know that the United States locks up more people than any other country on Earth. And you know that the 40-year-old War on Drugs has done nothing to decrease drug addiction. But did you know your race determines your chances of going to prison? That the incarceration of women is

16 Apr 2014

VIDEO: Jazree’s Court Unpacks How Mass Incarceration Impacts America’s Youth

Eight years ago, Jazree was like any other eight-year-old hanging out with friends and experiencing important milestones of her youth. She finished Elementary school and started the emotional rollercoaster called puberty. She even started having crushes — crushes on girls. All of these experiences impacted Jazree’s future, but one experience