31 Oct 2006

Labor’s Hi-Tech/Lo Tech Election Campaign

Shorter post tonight. The family is out (a good thing when there's important blogging to be done), but trick-or-treaters aren't giving me a free moment. Bless their sugary little hearts. And speaking of scary things, we have an election coming up. With just a week left, Karl Rove and his

24 Oct 2006

Houston Janitors Strike To Be Taken Seriously

Houston building owners are up in arms at the very thought that the people that spend all night away from their families cleaning their buildlings should earn more than $20 per day. Janitors in Houston went on strike yesterday for higher pay, more guaranteed work hours and health insurance. The

17 Oct 2006

Mourn For The Dead, Fight For The Living

Well, I thought I'd invite you all over to my place tonight.  My "place" is Confined Space where I write about the rather obscure topic of workplace safety and health — not exactly a blog-leader when it comes to popularity, but a pretty important issue for the families and friends

15 Oct 2006

FDL Book Salon: A Country That Works, Week 2

(Today we're joined by SEIU President Andy Stern, author of A Country That Works, in the comments.  Please stop by and welcome him — JH)  Good afternoon. This is Jordan Barab. I'll be hosting today's FDL Book Salon. It's a pleasure to spend this Sunday with Firedoglake readers and particularly

10 Oct 2006

Goodyear Strikers: Fighting For Us All

Generally when one thinks of “labor news,” one thinks of the fate of today’s unions, the split between the AFL-CIO and Change To Win, or decisions by the courts and the National Labor Relations Board that undermine workers’ rights. It turns out, however, that there are still a lot of

03 Oct 2006

Bush’s NLRB, Supreme Court Declare War On Unions

While all of Washington DC and much of the political world are focused exclusively on a recent intelligence report showing that the war in Iraq is spreading terrorism, Bob Woodward book detailing how we’re plagued by an administration of liars surrounding by yes-men, and finally predator-gate which threatens to drive

26 Sep 2006

Why Unions Aren’t Historical Artifacts, Part 2,345

I think I’m just going to spend this evening rambling through the newspapers and blowing off some random steam.  We’ll see if it all makes sense at the end. First we have SHOCKING news from the New York Daily News that The union powerhouse that represents some of the poorest workers in New

19 Sep 2006

When Your Gall Bladder Gets Sent to India, Have You Had Enough?

Guest Blogged By Tula Connell Carl Garrett, a paper mill technician in Canton, N.C., needed gall bladder and shoulder surgery. So his employer, Blue Ridge Paper Products, came up with an increasingly less- than-novel solution: Send him overseas for surgery. India, in this case. Garrett volunteered to go. But let’s

12 Sep 2006

9/11 And The War On Workers

Now that we have a moment to come down from the Bush administration’s pre-election-patriotic-war-mongering-fest, also known as the fifth anniversary of 9/11, lets take a moment to look at a subject virtually ignored: the Bush administration’s use of 9/11 to attack workers. As James Parks notes in an excellent piece

05 Sep 2006

Labor Day Postscript

The Labor Day holiday has passed — for those who still have paid holidays. The Census Department just report that says 23% of private-sector employees don’t get paid holidays, and only 48% of those in service sector do. For most newspapers and pundits, Labor Day is all about falling real