23 Sep 2008

I hate software

also posted on Liminal States. for a chuckle, compare and contrast how Soapblox (here) and WordPress (there)display the URLs in the quotes 🙂 As a “grand old man” of the software engineering field of defect detection, I sometimes take it personally when I run into bugs or usability problems.  My

18 Sep 2008

The Voter Suppression Wiki – Learn, Report, Act

But what about the votes that don’t count? What about the systematic attempts to erect barriers between voters and the ballot box? What about voter suppression? In order to educate, document and mobilize action, I’m excited to introduce the Voter Suppression Wiki. — Baratunde Thurston, Announcing The Launch Of The

13 Aug 2008

100,000 Strong Against Evan Bayh for VP

Blenders who remember the So will it be Evan Bayh for Obama's VP? discussion might be interested in a the new Facebook group 100,000 Strong Against Evan Bayh for VP.    It's a good example of the kinds of activism Facebook groups are good for: quickly getting a lot of

03 Aug 2008

Towards a rebirth of freedom: activism on social networks, part 1

NOTE FROM PAM: I had the recent pleasure of guest-blogging at Open Left, thanks to Jon’s invitation. It was an experiment that led to interesting results, to say the least. I did invite him to bring this excellent post to the Blend. Please join in the discussion. Thanks to Pam