09 Dec 2010

Miley Cyrus and a Bong: Could this be the video that makes salvia illegal?

Posted first at DARE Generation Dairy Move over Wikileaks. We’ve got Miley Cyrus. With a bong. Tripping on Salvia. On camera. Holy crap. Seriously folks, this could be a big deal for drug policy. Miley Cyrus practically is America. She’s adored by millions of children and adults alike. Her dad

27 Aug 2010

Lies About Prop. 19

Smoking pot isn’t activism, but Dragonfly de la Luz, a “professional stoner,” is using her perpetual stonedness to spread misinformation about marijuana legalization with a blog called “Stoners Against Prop 19.” She’s wrong on so many levels and here’s why all California voters should be saying Yes on 19.

13 Aug 2010

Saving California from Gays and Pot

SaveCalifornia, the organization that helped bring you Prop. 8, has a new target in its sights: gay pot.

OK. It’s just regular pot. But in the wake of Prop 8’s overruling, SaveCalifornia is putting their homophobic frustrations toward defeating Prop. 19, California’s marijuana legalization initiative.

09 Aug 2010

Mexico Did Not Legalize Drugs

Opponents of the “Just Say Now” campaign are either lying or don’t know squat about drug policy because during debates against FDL’s Jane Hamsher and SSDP’s Aaron Houston, they claim Mexico and the UK have tried drug legalization.

05 May 2010

Celebrate Pot Legalization on Cinco de Mayo

Students use Cinco de Mayo to draw attention to drug war violence in Mexico and call for an end to marijuana prohibition to put drug cartels out of business.