18 Mar 2013

Rolling Jubilee Peoples Bailout Buys 1.2 Million in Medical Debt

On March 14th Strike Debt proudly announced the second in a series of Medical Debt Bailouts. Over 1 million Dollars in Medical Debt was purchased and abolished providing relief to over 1,000 people with an average of $900 per person. This is a testament to the Strike Debt’s dedication to

01 Jan 2013

Ban Fracking Now: 11 Days to Ban Fracking in New York State

After the shutdown of the UB Shale Institute and recent releases of films like Josh Fox’s The Sky is Pink and New Yorkers against Fracking documentary Dear Governor Cuomo, it seemed as if progress was being made. Then on November 28th, the Department of Environmental Conservation issued proposed regulations for

15 Nov 2012

Rolling Jubilee Tonight: People’s Bailout Variety Show and Telethon, #StrikeDebt

  Tonight, Strike Debt will officially launch the Rolling Jubilee with the People’s Bailout Variety Show And Telethon from Le Poison Rouge in New York City. The event is a new take on the classic telethon, intended to raise money for the Rolling Jubilee. This project is designed to relieve the

09 Oct 2012

#OccupySupply Skill Share: Occupy 2.0 Strike Debt

Our Next #OccupySupply Skill Share is Wednesday October 10th, 2012 at 8pm EST The next stage in the Occupy movement is striking back against debt. Action in the streets draws attention to the issue, but to be effective long term, educating the people who are most oppressed by Wall Street

28 Sep 2012

[VIDEO] #OccupySupply Skill Share: Infiltration and The Occupy Movement

Infiltrators in the Occupy Movement from firedoglake on Vimeo.   On last nights #OccupySupply Skill Share we were joined by a  sensational panel of presenters to discuss the existence of Infiltration within the Occupy Movement. Kit O’Connell of Occupy Austin and Matthew McLoughlin of Occupy Chicago took the opportunity in

25 Sep 2012

#OccupySupply Skill Share: Infiltration in Occupy

Our Next #OccupySupply Skill Share is Wednesday September 26th at 8pm EST. Infiltration has been effectively used to undermine many social moments and Occupy is no different. FOIA requests show that the alphabet soup of organizations that make up the modern police state in America have been watching Occupiers around

13 Sep 2012

[VIDEO] #OccupySupply Skill Share:The History of #OWS

History of Occupy Wall Street from firedoglake on Vimeo. On last nights’ Occupy Supply Skill Share we discussed the early history of Occupy Wall Street and the events that lead to the movement beginning on September 17th, 2011. We where joined by Drew Hornbein of OWS who gave us a

10 Sep 2012

#OccupySupply Skill Share: The History of OWS

Our Next Occupy Supply Skill Share is on Wednesday September 12th 8pm EST On September 17th people around the world will commemorate the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. On our last Skill Share we went over whats going to happen around the country and the world on #S17.A

07 Sep 2012

[VIDEO] #OccupySupply Skill Share: #S17 Anniversary Actions

#S17 Anniversary Action from Firedoglake on Vimeo. On our last #OccupySupply Skill Share we discussed #S17 and the action surrounding the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street with a dynamic panel of OWS organizers.  We were joined by Tamara Shapiro from InterOccupy, Austin Guest and Nina Mehta from OWS. The One

03 Sep 2012

#OccupySupply Skill Share: #S17 Anniversary Action

Our Next Occupy Supply Skill Share is Wednesday September 5th at 8PM EST   September 17th marks the one year anniversary of the Occupation of Wall Street in Zuccotti Park. Since then city squares around the world have been occupied in the name of social and economic justice. A direct