17 Nov 2011

“fairness” is a con job..

This concept of fairness being bantered about is a con job. Fairness implies that some activity must be balanced – like a thief robs a bank and to be fair about the conflict of the robbery, each party should get their fare share. It is impossible for fairness to exist

03 Nov 2011

mitt romney may have alzheimers

I didn’t exactly make that up – but i believe it – it’s my OBSERVATION. Mitt Romney is obviously a hypocrite. This much is widely known. Let’s add this up. A. He will say anything for whatever reason; money, condescending, patronizing, compulsive liar…. the point being, you don’t have to

01 Nov 2011

watch for govt’s to steal internet to ‘solve’ crimes committed via internet

Once again the effort to steal power from others will be invoked by bought out governments. These governments who then need to pay back their pimps will then help these pimps by preventing word of thefts from gettiing out to the public the govt is supposed to represent. This is

01 Nov 2011

George Papandreou embraces real democracy!

George Papandreou is the prime minister of greece. greece is the birthplace of democracy. the power mongers in the world – aka control freaks – always seek to steal power over others. and in a democracy, these thieves have used money to buy the will and loyalty of elected persons.

31 Oct 2011

rick perry…. JECKYL, HYDE or BOTH!

my training and education and experience and studies and observation all add up to…. rick perry is a “risky” – to say the least – person. but i am not too surprised. after all.. all that “i am the governor” pretense was never the real him.

04 Sep 2011

i will design and build the best 1/2 car ever…

absurd, yes? quite. how about i can do the same for 1/2 a house. brilliant? why does anyone want to do or pursue 1/2 a job when you need the whole monty? how about this one??? i will hire everyone and end unemployment. i can hear the laughter already. go

10 Aug 2011

is it time for a Constitutional Upgrade?

When this nation was founded, a man could pretty much go out and forage or trap for food, lay down and sleep, build a shelter, fetch water, and take care of himself and loved ones. Pretty much Independability was the rule of the day. These issues were not a part

27 Mar 2011

would anyone like to shake up the banksters?

in contract law, there is something called equitable value. YOU CANNOT PAY $50 FOR A MARS BAR (not to be confused with a bar on mars). if you were going down route 66 and got a flat tire, you could not pay $5,000 for a fix – you could but