14 Mar 2012

A few questions on money..

I have a few honest questions on student loans and banking in general as it seems I may have missed a few econ 101 classes. If my questions are due to my ignorance or simple lack of knowledge, please let me know. If not, any answers would be helpful. I’ve

11 Mar 2012

‘Its just man killing man’ from Ray Lamontagne

In light of the news from Afghanistan this morning I thought of this His name is Ray Lamontagne, and I encourage anybody to listen to more of his stuff if only for his voice Lyrics copied from absolute lyrics People on the street now Faces long and grim Souls are

08 Feb 2012

A Diary on Structure

Jenga. Powerful hands preempt the game by forging a solid tower of individual blocks in competition with their selves, persuading the individual blocks that a tower is more stable than a single layer or two of blocks strewn over the land.  So, the blocks are added to each other, each layer

02 Feb 2012

Should Free Market Ideologues Embrace (Street) Apothecaries?

Shouldn’t free market ideologues embrace the business practice of drug dealing?  An illustration…   A poor, young man who was raised in poverty and had a rough upbringing with little education, stands over the grill flipping burgers at a local McDonald’s for $7.50 an hour, with no real future on the

20 Jan 2012

Growing Pains

I was curious to see if anyone had a similar experience… While having a heated talk about racism a short while ago and reading Paul Rosenberg’s article about racism, it finally occurred to me that I was raised to be racist while being told I wasn’t a racist. I’ve grown

19 Jan 2012

A Simple Thought

After reading about the pentagon outsourcing “The War on Drugs” to Blackwater/Academi/Xe I have serious concerns.  I suppose the US army has always relied on mercenaries in one form or another, whether it be a tool for societal gains, an attempt to escape poverty, or “contractors.”  I guess it just

30 Dec 2011



13 Dec 2011

Jonesboro: An American Example?

Jonesboro, Arkansas, the home of John Grisham, is a growing college town of about 70,000 people in Northeast Arkansas, about an hour’s drive north from Memphis.  Jonesboro boasts of its “Southern lifestyle” which is reflected in its old-fashioned conservative ideals (Craighead County doesn’t sell alcohol, for example).  Within a few weeks