02 Jul 2011

Barack Obama, Eldridge Cleaver, and the American Right

Mark Ames has a fantastic article up about noted conservative writer  V. S. Naipaul. But the article unexpectedly contains a lengthy look at Naipaul’s views of former Black Panther turned GOP Reaganite conservative, Eldridge Cleaver. From the article: And here Naipaul quotes an amazing passage from Cleaver’s Soul On Ice:

18 Jun 2011

Obama visits Puerto Rico and angers everyone but his wallet

From Salon: SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — President Barack Obama may have been in Puerto Rico for only four hours, but his brief fundraising visit has unleashed a growing political furor in this U.S. Caribbean territory. Legislators of Puerto Rico’s pro-statehood ruling party say they are resentful that he swooped

06 Jun 2011

Let Them Eat Golf

June 3 (Washington) — According to a Fox News report, the Obama administration has announced Speaker of the House John Boehner and the President will discuss contentious economic and deficit issues at a golf summit. It was also reported earlier in the day that Boehner blasted  the president for failing to get

25 May 2011

Democratic stupidity in a nutshell

Pelosi: Kathy Hochul’s victory tonight is a tribute to Democrats’ commitment to preserve and strengthen Medicare, create jobs and grow our economy.   Hoyer: At his weekly Capitol briefing with reporters Tuesday, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) confirmed what aides in both parties have been telling reporters: Cuts to

19 May 2011

When Hippies Punch Hippies

The Hippie Punching FAQ: Q. What is a hippie? A. Generally, a hippie is an annoying, useless. [sic] Actually, less than useless, as they are not happy until they prevent other people from being useful as well. In fact, Scientists have determined that the only evolutionary purpose of a hippie is

14 May 2011

On: The Cataclysmic Realities of a 3rd Party

The origins of the GOP: The Third Party System was dominated by the Republican Party (it lost in 1884 and 1892). The Republican Party emerged in 1854, growing out of a coalition of anti-slavery Whigs and Democrats who mobilized in opposition to introduction of the Kansas-Nebraska Act into Congress. When

16 Apr 2011

Feingold/Spitzer 2016

I’ll have to admit, the current left-of-center candidates to potentially compete against Mr. O haven’t exactly left me thrilled. Don’t get me wrong, I like all of them, but I’m also a realist. Obviously, a successful candidate would need some star power, and would have to be a little closer

10 Apr 2011

So how’s that “Winning the Future” thing working out for you?

A few months ago, I and a group of other activists paid a visit to my U.S. Representative, John Sarbanes (D-MD). I have to admit, I left disappointed. Like most rich people, he made his money the old fashioned way: he inherited it. His entire academic, professional, and political career

27 Mar 2011

German Greens defeat Merkel’s coalition; Obama, you’re next.

As a proud, and hopelessly optimistic, member of the Dump Obama movement, I must say this is a promising development: German Chancellor Angela Merkel was dealt a humiliating defeat Sunday when voters booted her party from power in a state election that could bode ill for her leadership on the

20 Feb 2011

WI State Representative Goes Nuts on Republicans on Floor

h/t angryblacklady: I’m actually starting to think Dems are starting to get a backbone. Who knew?