20 Aug 2011

“Nothing is more important than balancing the budget with the least increase in taxes.” – Herbert Hoover, 1932

Statement on Efforts to Balance the Budget March 8, 1932 THE PRESIDENT said: “The whole of the administrative officials are cooperating with the special Economy Committee appointed by the House of Representatives in the drive to bring about further drastic economies in Federal expenditure. “You will recollect that the budget

18 Aug 2011

The Strategery of David Plouffe

You really can’t make this shit up:   First, Plouffe suggested, Obama has an opportunity to improve his standing among independent voters — many of whom deserted the Democrats in the 2010 midterm election — by working with Republicans toward bipartisan deficit-reduction measures. Second, Obama has managed to move toward the

14 Aug 2011

Jamie Job Creator™ Dimon’s EBT Business Profits off Hungry Americans, And Creates Jobs in India

As the Kafka-esque tragedy that is the US economy continues to unravel around us, I bring you another story of hubris. It turns out Bill Daley’s (Obama’s Chief of Staff & Director at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce) former employer has been doing double duty in our recent jobs crisis.

13 Aug 2011

Verizon, chutzpah, strikes, and taxes

Mkay, so how is a reasonable person supposed to resolve these facts: Verizon strike continues about health care: The reason Verizon says it’s asking for the striking workers to make the concessions is due to a decade of its landline business losing customers as consumers have turned to mobile phones

13 Aug 2011

Why is Maddow silent on Lt. Choi’s situation?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTnP8bsOjPA Given all the support Maddow gave Lt. Choi during the DADT debate, it’s puzzling to me her relative silence regarding the Kafka-esque situation Choi is in. If there were one person in the MSM who you’d think would be all over this story, it would be her. I guess

06 Aug 2011

Is Matt Yglesias even dumber than Megan McCardle?

I’ve never understood the gravity this man’s words, or so-called “thoughts”, have carried in the left of center blogosphere. By all accounts, he is yet another kid with an ivy degree, with a brain full of weeds to match, who has unrelentingly failed upwards at the Center for American Progress

03 Aug 2011

Sen. Cardin (D-MD) thinks you’re stupid.

On a day that will forever lay in infamy, Sen. Ben Cardin (Douche-MD) reluctantly voted for the Catfood Commission II/Great Depression II Budget Act of 2011. Apparently the poor soul was “conflicted” over it: “I was conflicted,” said Cardin, who emerged from a Capitol Hill meeting with Vice President Joe Biden

31 Jul 2011

Jeff “Job Creator” Immelt to move X-ray business to China

As you know, Mr. Immelt was chosen by Mr. Obama to be the US jobs czar (lucky us!). And predictably, he has delivered: GE Healthcare, a maker of diagnostic imaging equipment, said Monday it is moving its X-ray global headquarters from the United States to Beijing as it seeks to

25 Jul 2011

I’m Batman; #mywordscarryweight

I’m the worst thing to happen to the Democratic Party since Monica Lewinsky; #mywordscarryweight. Michelle still thinks I’m cute; #mywordscarryweight. I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People like Me; #mywordscarryweight. I look oh so manly in a swimsuit; #mywordscarryweight. I’m Optimus Prime; #mywordscarryweight. I have the world’s

07 Jul 2011

Dems hit new low: DSCC begs Koch Brothers for cash and get denied

Presented without comment.   From Politico:   DSCC asking Kochs for cash The Kochs have become a major target of Democratic ire recently — but that hasn’t stopped the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee from asking their company for money. A Koch company executive fires back in a letter to DSCC chairwoman