11 Mar 2012

VIDEO: Stop Destroying Public Education! Lawyer & CTC Fired Whistleblower Carroll Speaks Out On 3/5/12

Kathleen Carroll, an attorney and fired whistleblower at the California Commission On Teacher Credentials attended the March 5, 2012 rally for public education at the State Capitol and talks about the organized destruction of public education in California and who is responsible for this crisis. Included in her comments is

06 Mar 2012

Dennis Kucinich is about to lose his seat to Marcy Kaptur

Pravda: Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio), the two-time presidential candidate and icon of the antiwar left, was fighting for his political life Tuesday as a new Republican-drawn congressional map threatened to derail the career of one of the most colorful figures in Congress. With most attention focused on the state’s

20 Feb 2012

Rocky Anderson On Real News, Pt 2 and ballot status update

Michael Cavlan RN posted the first half last week. TRNN just posted the final half: Also, in other Justice Party news, they have just now provided enough signatures to get on the ballot in Utah! Excellent News! FEBRUARY 15, 2012 8:13 PM I heard today that we turned in signatures

20 Feb 2012

Post-Fukushima, Obama gives Nuclear Industry an $8.3b loan guarantee bailout, as residents die of cancer

In a little noticed story from a few weeks ago, Obama’s NRC just approved two brand spanking new plants near two other nuclear plants owned by Southern Company, outside Augusta, Georgia. First, background from CNN: Loan guarantees pave way for first new U.S. nuclear reactors in years President Obama announced

16 Feb 2012

Jill Stein Interviews in NYT & The Progressive Magazine

The Caucus, NYT’s political blog, gave a brief interview with Dr. Stein. The comments section was pretty positive, too. I hope this is the first of many… Enjoy! ———- And an awesome, and much more comprehensive, 30 minute audio interview was given by the Progressive Magazine, which I would recommend

04 Feb 2012

Occupy DC Eviction: Firsthand Account

Well, that was an interesting day.

I started this Saturday morning with a nice peaceful paintball outing in Capitol Heights, just outside DC.

I was planning to go shower, finish off the remaining half of last night’s pizza, and sleep. But then I read on FDL that THOSE BASTARDS WERE KICKING OUT OCCUPYDC.

So my plans immediately changed to scrubbing off the paint in my beard & hair (instead of showering), finishing off 1/4 of the pizza instead of 1/2 (I was hungry, yo), and hopping on the Metro to get to McPherson Square.

21 Jan 2012

So I met Jill Stein last night…

There was a little meet and greet session with her in DC while she was in town supporting the various Occupy actions this week in DC. And I have to say, she was pretty awesome. The event was open to anyone, no guest list or anything. She reminded me a

18 Jan 2012

GOP tries to unhoist themselves from their own petard by undoing their own cuts

Oh boy. Those small gubmint, CUT SPENDING!!#$!@#$@#!, austerity boys are at it again. If you don’t recall, after the Super Duper Budget Committee debacle Ezra Klein made us aware of the following: Republicans scored what they thought was a big win by persuading Democrats to accept a trigger that consisted

16 Jan 2012

WWMLKD? Occupy Baltimore protesters occupy site of a proposed juvenile detention center

What would Martin Luther King Do today? It’s amazing that the man’s legacy has become a whitewashed, corporate sponsored sham, completely devoid of all the things MLK stood for: peace, resistance, dissent, economic equality. It’s amazing that the Job Creators™ of America would sponsor a monument to a man who fought

13 Jan 2012

A question for Ron Paul: If elected, will you prosecute war crimes against George Bush and Barack Obama?

And if no, why?   A lot has been made of this man’s anti-war stance.   I’d like to see him put his money & DOJ where his Texas sized mouth is.   It is no longer acceptable to talk about this issue. The law must be enforced, so the