26 Jun 2012

A citizen (me) asks Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler a simple question about the robosigning settlement & lameness ensues

Recently, I found out that my AG, Doug Gansler (D-MD) was going to give one of a series of workshops regarding the details of the robo-signing settlement deal. Months before this, I had called Mr. Gansler’s office to express my, shall we say “discontent,” with the proposed deal while it

25 Jun 2012

Jill Stein qualifies for matching funds in Texas; this is the final crucial week for your donations to be federally matched

It’s about the importance of getting $100k in free public financing, keeping the only corporate free party on the left active. The first $250 of your donations will be doubled by public financing. Campaign manager Ben Manski has recorded a short video explaining the importance of securing matching funds to

27 Apr 2012

VIDEO: American Third Parties Presidential Debate 2012: Rocky Anderson (Justice); Roseanne Barr (Green); Stephen Durham (Freedom Socialist); Peta Lindsay (Socialism & Liberation); Kent Mesplay (Green); Jill Stein (Green)

The Maggie Phair Institute hosted an American Third Party Presidential Debate on April 21, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA. Guests include: Rocky Anderson (Justice Party); Roseanne Barr (Green Party); Stephen Durham (Freedom Socialist Party); Peta Lindsay (Socialism & Liberation Party); Kent Mesplay (Green Party); Jill Stein (Green Party);

14 Apr 2012

Eliot Spitzer hates Obama’s JOBS Act

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=oKTYYxbtAdc http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Kp7rnWqS258

10 Apr 2012

VIDEO: The Punk Patriot’s Epic Rant on Indefinite Detention

Can anyone explain to me why this never went viral?

01 Apr 2012

VIDEO: Rocky Anderson Forcefully Dismantles the Logic of 2-Party System Apologists

This was part of a lengthy C-SPAN event video that was making the rounds here and elsewhere. He really got passionate at this portion of the event while talking about the collusion and corruption present in our current system. Donate here: https://voterocky.nationbuilder.com/donate

29 Mar 2012

“Activism is no substitute for class action” – Why Occupy is headed the way of MoveOn™

The ICC has an interesting piece on their website entitled “Activism no substitute for class action [sic]” It’s a fairly long piece, but I would encourage everyone to read it. It’s a constructive critique of Occupy & the failures of “activists,” unions in particular, from an international socialist perspective. The

19 Mar 2012

How to Stop the Empire While Keeping Your Day Job

Filmed March 18, 2012. A short play written by Dan Kinch, performed by Dan Kinch.

12 Mar 2012

Stein has gone 8 for 8 in the primaries with landslide victories; This week is the last chance to contribute to her 1st major round of fundraising

Quick updates:   Primaries: Yesterday, Dr. Stein won the VA primary with 69% of the vote, making her 8 for 8 in the primaries so far (Ohio, Maine, Minnesota, Illinois, Arizona, Wisconsin, Massachusetts) winning with about 2/3 of the vote in each contest.   Ballot Status: Her party is officially