02 Sep 2009

Quick Update from Vermont

It was a great day in Vermont yesterday with the first same sex marriage performed just after midnight!  Here's the story, top of the fold, on the front page of today's Burlington Free Press.  The other news of the day was the visit of the Westboro Baptist Church to protest. 

31 Aug 2009

Same Sex Marriage Legal in VT Tomorrow…and Here Comes the WBC

The Vermont Legislature legalized same sex marriage in April with an historic override of Governor James Douglas' veto. The new law takes effect on September 1st and this has attracted the attention of the Fred Phelps cult. It also presents a quandary for marriage supporters and, well, sane residents of

06 Apr 2009

BREAKING NEWS VT Gov. Douglas vetoes marriage bill

The Vermont Senate has just agreed to the House changes and given the bill final approval.  The bill is now on the Governor's desk awaiting the veto.  CHeck out The Burlington Free Press for live video of the veto. The Senate is scheduled to take up the override at 9am

25 Mar 2009

BREAKING NEWS VT Gov. Douglas Issues Marriage Bill Veto Threat

Vermont Governor Jim Douglas announced at a special press confernce this afternoon that he will veto the marriage bill when it reaches his desk.  The Governor has a long standing policy of not issuing veto threats but said that he did so in this case because he feels the issue

20 Mar 2009

Marriage Bill Passes First Hurdle in Vermont

The Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously voted the bill out of committee this morning. The full Senate will take up the measure up on Monday and if it passes (highly likely) it will move on to the House for debate.  The Legislature has the votes to pass the bill, the only